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Heaven, Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Dec 17, 2010

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Gracie's assignment as a production assistant is to go fetch Bobby Tom, retired football player, and get him to the movie set in time to start filming. He doesn't cooperate, and she goes to extreme lengths to stay with him until he finally shows up in Texas, at which point she gets fired for not getting him there sooner.

Gracie is a frumpy, 30-year-old virgin who was told she was homely once and took it to heart. Bobby Tom likes busty bombshells in quantity. On their crazy trip across the country, Gracie watches Bobby Tom in action and basically decides she knows him and that she loves him. She thinks he's a giving person because he's always giving away money or gifts to the women around him, even giving money away to women who file fraudulent paternity suits because he doesn't want the kid to suffer.

I had a lot of problems with this book, even though it was told in a compelling way that did keep me reading. First, and most importantly, I thought Gracie was pretty pathetic and Bobby Tom was pretty selfish.

Gracie decides she's going to give Bobby Tom whatever he wants from her and not take anything in return (like all the other women), especially money, understanding that she's just a distraction, she's not his type, and he will leave her. Seriously? Have some self respect. Plus, I'm not convinced that a sexually aware woman gets to 30 as a virgin because she's homely, even if she doesn't know about the nice body she has under her clothes. Typically, she's just going to lose it to a homely man.

Bobby Tom is generous with his money, but I think Gracie puts far too much stock in that. He treats the people in his life very badly, even his mother, and especially Gracie. He openly used her throughout the entire book and thought she should be grateful for him taking her on as a charity case and initating her into sex. Hello, God's gift to women. He's also dishonest, and doesn't keep his promises -- such as showing up to start filming the movie on time. I never understood why he did that.

And yet, somehow, despite all of that, the chemistry between these two was great. Maybe because she's pathetic and he's selfish, they deserve one another, especially when she finally decides she deserves to be loved.

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