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The Death Cure by James Dashner
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Feb 05, 12

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Much like "Mockingjay", "The Death Cure" is a disappointing third chapter in a dystopian YA series. Both fail to explore the setting in any depth, develop the main character beyond a clueless one-dimensional drone that is constantly carrying the Idiot Ball, or explain any of the bizarrely uneven technological advances. Where Panem could manufacture invisible hovercraft yet were somehow unable to devise rudimentary ballistic missile technology, WICKED has teleportation, force fields, nightmarish Lovecraftian sentry robots (the Grievers) and surgical memory manipulation down pat, but has also has gone backwards to the point where they're using tazer-rifle-grenades and the thought of giving groups of guards walkie-talkies has been UNinvented.

At least Thomas didn't pass out nearly as much as Katniss did.

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