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The Iron Quill by Shelena Shorts
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Dec 17, 2010

it was amazing
Recommended for: Twilighters, PNR Fanatics
Read from August 08 to 11, 2011

I LOVED this book so very much. This happens to be one of my fave series (and I've read a LOT of series). So let me just start by saying Thank You to Shelena for three things:
1. For a wonderful sequel to a wonderful series.
2. For not leaving us readers in much torture with yet another cliffhanger.
3. For not adding a love triangle.
Let's start with Story / plot:
Story picks up right where The Broken Lake ends. It's like you are just continuing with the next chapter instead of a new book. I like that Shelena didn't bother with going thru re-cap of the sum of whole 2 books. In my excitement to start with the book, I neglected to go back and skim thru the second book and ofcourse I forgot everyone's names but Sophie and Wes. I started this book and went "huh...Chase? Chase who?", so ofcourse I had to go back and skim thru The Pace and The Broken Lake to get in the flow. So I recommend anybody who read the second book about an year back, to skim thru the last book to get into the story.
Ms Shelena Shorts is an amazing story teller and I loved every page of the book. The Pace (pun intended) of the book was steady, not too fast or slow, it kept me glued to it till I was done.

Characters: I can't do Sophie and Wes saperately....they have to be described together:
Sophie is one my fave Protogonist. She is funny, smart and very lovable character. Wes is dreamy and ... well WES, need I say more?
The relationship between Sophie and do I put it. *scratches head * Okay I am not finding the right word, but they have such ease, comfortable with each other. Small jestures like Sophie holding Wes ankle with her feet while talking playfully, or burying her forehead in his back, sitting in his lap whenever etc, they show the closeness, playfulness and companionship between them. That's what made their relationship so freaking awesome. I really wish I was sophie and had my own Wes...Oh well wishful thinking.

I also have to applaud Ms Shelena's knowledge in science. It's very impressive that she didn't just throw random terms and expect reader to figure it out.

I have one question though, since so much was explained with come Sophie and (view spoiler) look the same in different incarnations? Shouldn't they look based on their current biological parents?

Overall I loved this series and I would do anything to get my hands on the last book in the series now . It would be one sad and exciting day when I finish this series. Ms Shelena, tell me what can I do to get to read the 4th book now * puppy dog eyes * Pretty please with cherry on the top?
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