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The Boo by Pat Conroy
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Dec 17, 2010

it was ok

This is not my kind of book. You were forewarned in the very beginning. If you have any connection with a Citadel, in SC. You may feel a connection to the book. The only connection I have is, I live in SC, and my son did go into the military, specifically the navy for a short time till he was medically discharged. But other than that, I had at times liked the snippets of the "Boo"( stories). At other times I did not enjoy it. Pat Conroy warns us this is his first attempt. It is self published. It was written because of his friendship of the Boo. He wanted to tell the story of the Boo's, care of his cadets, looking out for them.

Mr. Conroy tells the story of Boo from 1961-1969. Pat Conroy wanted to tell the story of this gruff man with a golden heart( he always had a cigar in his mouth). He gave demerits to his cadets, but gave them with love and concern for each of them. He pushed them to the limit to graduate and become sucessful. Most of the cadets came from broken homes, and at times abusive. Look at Pat Conroy, he is a example of this.

Mr. Conroy wrote this to stop Boo from being demoted from a higher ranking officer to a menial job. He did get demoted but he took it with grace,because he loved the Citadel and the young men.

I did read this book for Open Road Media as a ebook. There was a few things that annoyed me. It was many spots where there was a few sentences and then the rest of the page blank. It was not the end of the chapter. Then the terms were in the back of the book. I did not know there were terms in back of the book. Pictures were in the book, but I was not sure what some of the pictures were.
I have bought ebooks before, they were not set up like that.

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