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Always Running by Luis J. Rodríguez
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Dec 17, 10

This book is about the boy called Luis Rodriguez, his family move from Mexico to L.A. His father was a principal in Mexico, but after they come to L.A. his father was just a Spanish teacher, and he was afraid of his father so much. His family was so poor. He had to go outside to find a job. When they arrived in America, he didn’t have any friends, he was lonely, because some people didn’t like Mexicans, and some bad guys always laugh at his mom. He must be so sad. And when he was ten, he saw Tino die by the police officer’s gun, after that he was afraid of police officers from that time he even didn’t like basketball any more. Luis is nickname “chin” because of his potruding jawbone. He looked up to his cousin, Pancho, because his though cousin Pancho models the gang life. Clavo takes a shotgun blast to the face and he is impacted by the shooting, so he wants out of the gang. Meanwhile Luis and a group of friends go to a “Gabacho Beach”, where they have an encounter with racism, the police start a fight with Luis and his crew, they fight back and get arrested .after that Luis has to find a lot of jobs, and works hard, because he needs that money to help his family. Soon he meet a girl whose name is Viviana, then they fall in love, but Viviana leave him for another guy who she likes. Someday when Luis saw a police officer beating a woman who is Licha, he stood up for her, then they fall in love, but at the end Licha said Luis was too young for her. While growing older Luis started to grow out of gang stage and started to move on with his life and start with something good.

At the beginning of Always running, I can understand Luis, because when he arrived in America, he didn’t have friends, it was same with me, that time was so terrible, and I think during that time he was so sad, This is also my favorite part in this book. I also like this book’s title---Always running, I guess it means Luis always move, he feel lonely here, he just want to stay by himself. He is so afraid of his father, but I don’t think that is a good thing, at that time he was a little kid, he needs more and more love from his parents, especially from his father, but he is not, his heart is far away from his dad. I can’t understand why Luis looked up his cousin Pancho, he has a lot of girlfriends, he’s like a play boy, I don’t think Pancho is a good influence. When Luis and a group of friends go to a “Gabacho beach”, the police fight with them, I feel so bad when I read there, because I think the police officers should protect people, and do their best to help people, but that police just beat them, it makes me not saft at all. As a young child, he has to find several jobs anf works hard to help his family. From that I think he is a little brave boy. As an exchange student to here, I met a lot of problems those I have never met before, I have to solve them by myself. I enjoy this book, Although I can’t understand all of them, but I think this book can make you grow up.

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