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Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti
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Dec 17, 2010

really liked it
Recommended for: Anyone who wants a good curl-up-with book
Read on May 15, 2011

It was exam week, I was not supposed to give in into temptations and read, but I did, and I did not regret it at all!
Waiting for you is a story of a girl wanting to change herself, and she has been waiting all her life for a change. From the obvious title, Waiting for you, it gives readers the impression that the protagonist, Marisa is waiting for the special someone to appear, and she is! But it also involves something more deep.
One thing about books like this, it gives you a moment of euphoria, and you still live by the effect later (it doesn't actually go away! I still find myself head over heels with Nash-the boy character in the story) but as usual, it's kind of cliche, not that I mind! I have my own theory for cliche-ness, no matter how typical or predictable a story might be, every story has it's own clicheness, you know what will happen, but the biggest question is the 'HOW', that's why I love reading these stories.
Now, let me sort of summarize this story to you without leaking any spoilers.
Marissa is an average girl, maybe slightly lower than average because people looked at her as if she's like a freak and she never had anyone who notices her. She has this huge crush on this hearthrob, Derek, an awesome family, a BFF Sterling (which I think it's a cool name) and a new school year with new resolution. One problem, she has anxiety disorder. Just when things were going in her way, bad things kept on happening, and she fell into depression again (not that intense but it's sad), who pulled her out of it? - Dirty Dirk (yes, I love this dude, if he's in my school, I would totally worship him. LOL)
That's all I can write without revealing something I'm not supposed to :P
For my review,
1. I love that I could predict things! It made me feel like I have psychic power or something, and my prediction did come true in the book.
-Who's Dirty Dirk? (from the very first moment!)
-What happened to Marisa's parents (oh, this is so about the 'HOW')
-Derek's character and what he would do (but he did something that suprises me though)
-The turnout of events.
Yup, that's probably the most of it, but that did not stop me from cracking over the plot and go all weepy the next second. Like I said, euphoria.
2. My mind was lost for the last couple of days (exams do that to me) and I was feeling a bit depressed because I know I'll do bad for my Biology paper that day, and Waiting for you made me feel anew. I swear it's like fate (which reminded me of Susan's other book, Something like Fate), all of a sudden, there's Dirty Dirk, and he's like...commnunicating to me. That's when I know I'm in love, :P
3. It made me go all weepy in the end, I just love a happy ending.
Waiting for you, despite the 'chick-ish' title, is something worth reading. It could be your 'curl up with' book!
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Tee loves Kyle Jacobson Nat,
I LOVED this book and devoured it in 5 hours! I could not put it down.

Natshane Me too! I was not supposed to because of exams but it's really worth it. I love the character Nash because he's so down to earth. :D

Tee loves Kyle Jacobson I loved him right from the beginning you knew he liked her and would do anything for her. I can't wait to read her newest book So Much Closer. So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

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