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Dakota Child by Linda Ford
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Dec 16, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: harlequin
Read in December, 2010

My opinion: I received this book the other day because I signed up for tellharlequin.com. I got this in the mail and though "Hmmm...it's a historical, but it actually sounds pretty good". And it was! We first meet Vivian Halliday who is stuck out in a snowstorm with nowhere else to go, her 2 month old baby in her arms. Luckily, Billy Black happens to come along and get her to the safety of his cabin. She is fearful at first; she remembered him from her childhood, and while she was always nice to him, everyone was afraid of him and his mother. Everyone thinks the mother is crazy (she was kidnapped by Indians and held for six years). She soon comes to decide that Billy won't ever hurt her, but she remains afraid of his mom, who keeps insisting that she go away; after being abducted, she can't handle being around strangers. Vivian soon decides the best thing to do would be to find her son, Joshua's, father (Wayne) and marry him, which would have been the proper thing to do in the 1800s. Wayne is the son of one of the most influential men in the town, so she knows she and her baby will be well cared for. Billy takes her into town, but they learn that Wayne has left town for an undetermined amount of time. She has no choice but to return to Billy's house, despite his mother's protests. As time goes on though, Vivian can't help but fall for Billy's gentle demeanor; he is kind, caring, and thinks the world of her son. She finds that she loves Billy, but the proper thing to do would be to marry Wayne. Will she do what's right for her son and still manage to be happy?

I liked the characters in this book. Vivian had been through a lot, being stuck in an orphanage after her parents died. Then she had a baby with Wayne, who she thought loved her. She had no idea how to care for a new baby, but she knew she couldn't live without him, and that shows a lot of courage. It was obvious she would do whatever she had to for her son. Billy was great, he welcomed her with open arms and instantly bonded with her son. Even though is mother protested, he refused to cast Vivian away since she was in need. And then later he wouldn't because he loved her. The mother was definitely getting on my last nerve after awhile; I get that she was taken by Indians and I can't even imagine how traumatic that would be, to be away from your family for 6 years and everything that happened to her. But wow, she did act a bit crazy, yelling all of the time and about having panic attacks any time Vivian came close to her. Her actions do make a bit more sense later on in the book, especially her extreme reactions when Joshua would cry. It was a very heartwarming-book, and I actually teared up at one point. The only thing that lost me quite a few times were all of the religious references and Bible passages. I am not religious myself; I am not opposed to those that are, and I don't mind when characters mention God or anything like that. But it inhabited a LOT of this book, which made it a little tough for me to read at some points. However, the story line was good and I was really able to connect with the characters. You could see their relationship progress and how much they cared about each other.

My rating: 4/5 stars

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