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Jan 29, 11

Read from January 17 to 29, 2011

Let me start by saying I chose this book for several reasons, one being hot cover, two I loved the premise and three I have been aching to get back to my original love which is historical romance. This book covers all that which I love and missed, Highlanders(my new found addiction), a bit of paranormal(well if you want to call Good vs Evil)Time Travel, and History(Yay!). It had been so long since I have read anything to do with history that when I turned the first page, I felt like I just slipped back into a favorite pair of comfy slippers.

Malcolm is the typical (hot I might add) He man warrior/highlander who's job is to protect the innocents, little did he know when he would meet Claire his world would be changed forever.

Claire is a woman who is used to defending herself, a woman of the now time so when Malcolm comes into her life- there is a constant battle between her heart and wanting to remain independent as well as keeping Malcolm safe.

While the Scottish accent through me for a bit, it didn't take me long to fall in love with this book and Malcolm who could not love a big strong warrior who just wanted to protect you.

What Did I Like:
I liked that the Author didn't confuse you with the time jumps, I have read some books where I was confused and this one did not do that it flowed smoothly. I also liked the world building she didn't get overbearing with it and I understood completely what and who the Masters of Time were.

Overall It was wonderful to go back into time to 1427 Scotland and picture how a modern Claire dealt with the differences between her world and his.

Would I recommend it Yes, if you love Highlanders, Time Travel and Steamy Romance this book is for you. Would I continue with the series? Yes!

My rating for this book 4.5 stars out of 5
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Laura the Highland Hussy I think the next book is better, and I hope you read it.

Donna (BLHmistress) I'm reading it now and was up late last night or say early into this morning reading it I love Royce and Allie. I'm not finished yet but I think so far they are my fave couple

Laura the Highland Hussy I didn't care for Claire very much, but I loved Allie.

The books just keep getting better as they go, and I wish she'd write some more in this series.

Donna (BLHmistress) I have to admit I teared up a couple times the way Royce was so harsh with her.

Laura the Highland Hussy What I really REALLY like about this series, is that you'll see all of the characters throughout. And Royce and Allie are my favorite couple :)
have you reached the thong scene yet?

Donna (BLHmistress) OMG Yes I literally laughed out loud (thank goodness I was in my bedroom reading) That was so hilarious I so could picture his face.

Laura the Highland Hussy I loved how it was like a secret joke between Allie and Aidan and Royce was just furious at thinking he was being left out

Donna (BLHmistress) OH yea that was great and what about in both books everytime they took the ladies to Iona they got so jealous lmao!

Laura the Highland Hussy oh of them looking at other Masters?! lol, you're making me want to grab the book now lol

Donna (BLHmistress) LOL- You should I am so glad I seen these books and a friend sent them to me - I am now obsessed with Highlanders lol. I am doing the highlander challenge do you have others you recommend I don't have a lot besides these an Sins of a Highlander which is coming in the mail soon.

Laura the Highland Hussy Do I have others I can recommend? Why yes, yes I do. lol

Okay, do you prefer the paranormal aspects like how this has time travel?

paranormal with immortals, gods, druids, witches:
Dangerous Highlander (Dark Sword, #1) by Donna Grant Forbidden Highlander (Dark Sword, #2) by Donna Grant Wicked Highlander (Dark Sword, #3) by Donna Grant Untamed Highlander (Dark Sword, #4) by Donna Grant

paranormal with Fae and a bit of time travel:

Beyond the Highland Mist (Highlander, #1) by Karen Marie Moning To Tame a Highland Warrior (Highlander, #2) by Karen Marie Moning The Highlander's Touch (Highlander, #3) by Karen Marie Moning Kiss of the Highlander (Highlander, #4) by Karen Marie Moning The Dark Highlander (Highlander, #5) by Karen Marie Moning The Immortal Highlander (Highlander, #6) by Karen Marie Moning Spell of the Highlander (Highlander, #7) by Karen Marie Moning Into the Dreaming (Highlander, #8) by Karen Marie Moning

straight historical:
Highland Warrior (Campbell Trilogy, #1) by Monica McCarty Highland Outlaw (Campbell Trilogy, #2) by Monica McCarty Highland Scoundrel (Campbell Trilogy, #3) by Monica McCarty

and of course, a bit of time travel and magic:
Highland Destiny by Laura 'Highland Hussy' Hunsaker

Donna (BLHmistress) LOL that was kind of a dumb question but yours is one I really wanted I wanted to get these read then go on a buying spree :) any excuse right actually yes but I do love Historical as well .

message 13: by Laura the Highland Hussy (last edited Jan 30, 2011 06:07PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Laura the Highland Hussy lol, well if you buy it at there's a half off coupon that makes my book around $4.
probowl2011 is half off one ebook coupon.

Monica McCarty is my fave Highlander author who writes straight historicals. The series I posted above is a great trilogy that takes place in the 1600s.
She's about 3 books into a new series that is taking place in the middle ages, like 1300s, and it's soo good. Think Special Ops in kilts :)
Julie Garwood is great too, but I prefer Monica's writing style.

Donna (BLHmistress) What kind of format do they offer? I don't have a ereader yet so I either read with Kindle for PC or google docs.

I have Monica on my list as well, both of her series. Time Travel is fun. I normally don't care for contemp but when its like in paranormal or time travel I love it if that makes sense.

Laura the Highland Hussy Mine is in pdf, and 3 other formats. pdfs can be read easily on the computer.
mine also takes place mainly in the 1700s, with just the beginning and parts of the end in 2010.

I'm picky on time travel, which is why if I recommend a time travel, you know it's good. I read one once that was just soo cheesey. Oh it was awful and stupid. I don't mind a funny story but the author made it seem ridiculous.

Donna (BLHmistress) Oh I agree thats why I haven't read too many I had a bad one myself and turned me away from it for awhile but Brenda Joyce brought me back again.

Ok great I will definitely- actually I have been eyeing yours since I seen your post on your blog.

Laura the Highland Hussy oh cool! thanks, I can't wait to see what you think :D

message 18: by Laura the Highland Hussy (last edited Jan 30, 2011 06:32PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Laura the Highland Hussy Oh, btw, another good time travel author is Veronica Wolff's Master of the Highlands series

Donna (BLHmistress) Looking up now lol, looks like I'm gonna be book shopping. :)

Laura the Highland Hussy lol, at least you have a coupon for one of them :)

Donna (BLHmistress) Have you heard is Paula Quinn good?

Laura the Highland Hussy I'm actually reading Seduced by a Highlander (Children of the Mist, #2) by Paula Quinn right now and it's really good.

I think her MacGregor series is good
Laird of the Mist (MacGregors, #1) by Paula Quinn A Highlander Never Surrenders (MacGregors, #2) by Paula Quinn

followed by Children of the Mist (the H/h from the above series' children)
Ravished by a Highlander (Children Of The Mist, #1) by Paula Quinn Seduced by a Highlander (Children of the Mist, #2) by Paula Quinn Tamed by a Highlander (Children Of The Mist #3) by Paula Quinn

Donna (BLHmistress) I have seen her name around and I was wondering.

Laura the Highland Hussy I don't think I LOVED any of them, but all were good, action packed and great characters.

Donna (BLHmistress) Thanks got some good choices, I just finished Royce's book by the way and oh yes! Its my fave so far. Will have a review up by Feb 1st- In a challenge can't post til then lol.

Laura the Highland Hussy ahh, gotcha. I think the next one is really interesting. Aidan and Bree, right?

Donna (BLHmistress) Yes is been wanting to read this one because of Bree , the geek and the highlander (I always love when a 'normal type of woman can get the man :) my fave type of romance.

Laura the Highland Hussy yeah, I like watching her overcome her shy personality to make Aidan face some things about himself

Donna (BLHmistress) Oh yea I so can relate to her, I love all the rose girls so far. Why didn't you like Claire though?

Laura the Highland Hussy I just didn't like how she was a strong independent woman one minute, and the next she was all wussy and whiny and clingy. It annoyed me because it was sooo back and forth. I liked Malcolm just fine, but Claire could have either been a girly girl from the beginning or a strong girl throughout. But it seems I"m the only one I've seen (based on the reviews of my friends) who was bothered by that. I guess with the demons, magic and time travel, a girl's allowed to be a bit wussy. :)

Laura the Highland Hussy Oh, btw, I'm putting one of my kids to bed, so I'll be back in like 5 minutes :)

Donna (BLHmistress) I can see what you're saying it seemed once she got with Malcom she became the damsel in distress(maybe it was the time jumping lol) because in the second one she seemed back to being strong again.

Laura the Highland Hussy I think that I liked her better at the beginning when she was strong and in NY, and then I liked her more towards the end, when she sort of figured out her place in his life.

Donna (BLHmistress) I think so too, when she figured out she could fight together then she got tougher.

Laura the Highland Hussy yeah and that's what I really really like about this series, is that the men realize that they can fight with their women by their side. It's touching since they are from such a different time.

Donna (BLHmistress) Yea considering it was a time where women weren't allowed to do anything other than be a wife and mother. Can you imagine for the women of now time to go back to where you are ordered round- if the men looked like these men then I wouldn't mind so much ;)

Laura the Highland Hussy lol...that's what's so fun about my book :)

here are the first couple chapters, scroll down

this is a more fun excerpt from my website

Donna (BLHmistress) I'm running over now, I must say I love the cover its so hot one reason I keep eyeing it lol.

Laura the Highland Hussy Thank you!
I was surprised at how awesome the cover turned out-they really listened to what I wanted

Donna (BLHmistress) Is your book gonna be in paperback some point because as much as I am getting used to reading from my pc I still love the feel of paperbacks.

Laura the Highland Hussy I hope so, I emailed my editor about it last week, just waiting to hear about it.

Donna (BLHmistress) I hope so too I would love to be able to stare at the cover while reading lol, reading the chapters now and what I have read I reallllllllly like

message 43: by Laura the Highland Hussy (last edited Jan 30, 2011 09:22PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Laura the Highland Hussy thanks :)
the excerpt on my website's a bit more steamy (not too much, can't give it all away) but I liked it best

Donna (BLHmistress) Ok now I am really wanting to read this lol, You should be proud this is good.

Laura the Highland Hussy *blushes* thank you.

I'm working on a book now (well actually I'm procrastinating by chatting on goodreads) but I'm writing Liam's story next. He's my hero's brother and he's one of my favorite characters because he's fun, but he's also an ass :)

Donna (BLHmistress) Oh I love those kind of Hero's :)

Laura the Highland Hussy I have high hopes for his book, since I'm kind of getting a feel for what readers want, and where i'm going to take the series

Donna (BLHmistress) how many books are going to be in the series- talking to a series addict :) here

Laura the Highland Hussy so far I've planned 3, but it depends on my sales and I've got 22K words on a vampire UF, so I might leave it at 3, or if I can sell enough to show the hubby this is a great career, then I'll write as much as possible. If he's willing to take the kids so I can write, I'd be able to write much more often.

Donna (BLHmistress) cross fingers sales are good for you, I can't imagine how hard it is for you write. How do you find time to read too ?

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