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Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat
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The extra chapter, "The training of Erasmus" is a little gem.
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Quotes Edina Liked

C.S. Pacat
“Torveld favoured Laurent with another of those long, admiring looks that were starting to come with grating frequency. Damen frowned. Laurent was a nest of scorpions in the body of one person. Torveld looked at him and saw a buttercup.”
C.S. Pacat, Captive Prince

C.S. Pacat
“He's the captive Kastor sent you to train?' said Torveld, curiously. 'He's--safe?'

'He looks combative, but he's really very docile and adoring,' said Laurent, 'like a puppy.'

'A puppy,' said Torveld.

To demonstrate, Laurent picked up a confection of crushed nuts and honey and held it out to Damen as he had at the ring, between thumb and forefinger.

'Sweetmeat?' said Laurent.

In the stretched-out moment that followed, Damen thought explicitly about killing him.”
C.S. Pacat, Captive Prince

C.S. Pacat
“A golden prince was easy to love if you did not have to watch him picking wings off flies.”
C.S. Pacat, Captive Prince

Reading Progress

06/18/2011 "Just read chapter 26 and my last word was OMG!!! Freece is really the Evil Master of Cliffhangers!!! There is so many information in this chapter, and huge changes in Damen-Laurent relationship, and Damen's regard on his father's way of governing: endless wars/conquests. I wonder what will happen now. Will Jord tell? Does Laurent knows?"
04/11/2012 "Chapter 29 - One of the best chapters ever. I'm speechless. So far, this story is a masterpiece."
05/31/2012 "Chapter 30: Freaking fantastic! Freece is a GENIUS! Finally the end of Book 2. How can it get better and better when it was already so freaking good?!? I can't wait for the books 1 and 2 to be published. Should be soon." 3 comments
50.0% "Laurent. Vicious. Mouth."
04/19/2016 marked as: read

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Edina Rose Great! I've been waiting forever! I think Freece said it took so long because his beta was away and the chapter will be very long (not in 2 parts like the 25th). I'm sooo happy!

Edina Rose Merci!

Edina Rose Au fait, je n'ai jamais pu trouver un MM romance en francais. Et toi?

message 4: by Deja (new)

Deja Black Thank you for the recommendation!!

Edina Rose Dejal77 wrote: "Thank you for the recommendation!!"

You are welcome, Dejal. Strong chance you gonna like it. And after I want to know which MC you prefer: Laurent or Damien. I've noticed that most readers have a very strong reaction to the 2 heroes and take sides. :)

Edina Rose Chapter 28, finally!!!

message 7: by Ami (new) - added it

Ami Do you have the ebook??

❂ Endless Edina...spoiler much?
I know, it's driving me crazy while waiting for the 3rd book. But at the moment Freece is busy releasing the first 2 books via a publisher... The 3rd book will definitely be a while.

Sarah I adore this series!

Edina Rose Same here, Sarah. I don't know how many times I've read it. It's up there is my list with Adrien English. I would bring the two series to a desert island.

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