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Jump by Elisa Carbone
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Dec 15, 2010


PK has parents who just don’t get it. She wants to be homeschooled, so they decide she’s going to a boarding school because she’s not pulling the grades they want to see. They don’t like her friends and they can’t seem to just accept her for who she is. She wants to be herself, she just wants to climb. So when they tell PK she’s going to boarding school no questions asked, she decides to run away. She meets a guy who agrees to go with her and they hitch-hike across the country and climb the most beautiful cliffs in the country.

Critter’s parents think he’s crazy. So they locked him up in a mental institute because he apparently is a “danger to others”. How is understanding that matter doesn’t exist and atoms are simply empty space and energy crazy? Crazy because he can see it? Critter did the research to prove to his parents that science is discovering what he can see, but no! Put him in a strait jacket! He’s “dangerous”. That’s why he breaks out of the prison like mental ward. And it just so happens that he meets a girl who just wants to get away and climb. Why not? It’ll buy him some time before the cops catch up to him and this way he’ll finally be able to get back on the rocks, where he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Jump is an excellent book about PK and Critter who are trying to get way from their parents. Its an up beat and exciting book about how they run away climb deadly rocks and eventually fall for each other. In some ways it’s a kind of action book with a twist! Its an amazing book that I think anyone would love. I know I did.


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