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Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker
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Dec 15, 2010

it was amazing

the book was pretty good its about a slave whos seperated from her mammy and makes a friend name liza and theres three men who were seperated from there familys to there names were lester adam and ben and they go to this bad plantation were the c\slaves are treated really bad and only fed poorly.Then a man from Canada comes to the plantion saying that hes looking at birds and ask massa riley the owner of the plantion if he could take some slaves to help him look for theses birds and massa riley said he could and the man picked lester and adam to help him look for these brids.The man isnt looking for birds hes helping slaves escape an lester asks this man if he can get two other slaves to run away and lester pick jullilly and liza. They all get away but then they find out that this man that help them escape is in jail so another man picks them up at the bridge he gives them the secret password to know that hes helping them the man whispers a friend with a friend so they get in the carriage and the man drops them off at a barn and leaves.Then adam says they should go fishing so they do and then they get caught so jullily and liza have to run.They get to jeb browns house and find out that lester and adam escape and got to jeb browns house before they did and they get to canada and find out that adam died.When jullily and liza go to meet lester at a hotel were he works julilly finds out that her mammy sally is already there.

What i dislike about this book is how adam dies and that the black people can not go to schools in canada.

i liked this book overall because i thought it was so predictable but then something else always happen like i thought that adam and lester were caught but then find out that they actaully got to canda before jullily and liza.
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