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Solomon vs. Lord by Paul Levine
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I had never heard of this author, but while at work one day I was shelving and came across it and the cover made me turn it over to read the blurb. After reading not only that, but the quotes by other authors singing the story's praises I knew I had to give it a whirl. A sexy mystery with a funny court case based in South Florida with two lawyers who had the banter of a Hepburn and Tracy? Yes, please.

And let me say, that it delivered. This was such a fun, refreshing, impossible to put down book. I believed the crazy case with the over the top characters. I was surprised by plot twists. I was enchanted by Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord's back and forth that developed into a lovely little love story. Steve especially was impossible not to pull for with his dedication to his nephew, Bobby, an autistic savant growing up with his bachelor uncle, and his uncharacteristic falling for straight-laced Victoria. She was a believable young lawyer fighting for the truth in a world where the law doesn't always work, and plans don't always go accordingly. And the author's take on life in Florida was done pitch perfect. And to top it all off, this one has heart. This isn't just a funny romp, although it does that too, but it's also impossible not to fall in love with the character's struggles, especially when it comes to Steve and Bobby. I had so much fun with this one I hated putting it down, and am ecstatic to see there are more in the series.

A lot of comparisons are made to this being the baby of Carl Hiaasen's humor and John Grisham's understanding of the courtroom. Well, thrown in Jennifer Crusie's deft handle of sexy chemistry and banter and you've got yourself a great book.
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