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Zombies Vs. Unicorns by Holly Black
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Dec 19, 10

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, funny, horror, lgbt, library-book, sf, female-author, short-stories
Read from December 15 to 19, 2010


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12/15/2010 page 2
0.0% "Love the concept and how the stories alternate between zombies and unicorn. The introduction and argument between the two editors Larbalestier and Black is kinda twee to my tastes. Gets better when Larbalestier accuses Black of liking bestiality (though the book actually prints b***iality which was wimpy of them)."
12/15/2010 page 18
4.0% "'The Highest Justice' by Garth Nix. Nix is the one author I've previously read in this collection but his story is pretty disappointing, more of a set up to a world rather than a story in itself."
12/15/2010 page 47
11.0% "'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Alaya Dawn Johnson. One for the zombie side! A gay zombie romance young adult blood bath extravaganza -- and mac and cheese, but you know, the good mac and cheese, with, you know, really good cheese. Showing my weakness for great characterization of some pretty messed up lovers, this story is erotic and sad."
12/15/2010 page 67
16.0% "'Purity Test' by Naomi Novik. A unicorn story set in a very contemporary New York where the unicorn can't be THAT picky about what woman it picks up to help it with a special mission. Escapes the ye-olde traps of Nix's piece and gives it's unicorn attitude and a personality."
12/15/2010 page 107
26.0% "'Bougainvillea' by Carrie Ryan. A more traditional zombie narrative: folks trapped in an enclosed space (an island) fighting off the zombie threat. This time pirates are using the zombies as a weapon. Focuses on the daughter of the governor of the island and how she comes of age in this crazy mixed up zombie infested world. Zombies used as they often are, as the outside threat that pushes the main character."
12/15/2010 page 110
27.0% "Did some one say 'bestiality'? Ah, the dark side of unicorn love."
12/16/2010 page 144
35.0% "'A Thousand Flowers' by Margo Lanagan. I love stories that shy away from the center, that force me to really imagine just what is going on between those two at the center or to realize I probably will never ever know what goes on between a princess and her unicorn. Makes the whole thing both more visceral and more mysterious."
12/16/2010 page 178
43.0% "'The Children of the Revolution' by Maureen Johnson. Scientology/Zombieology and just old fashion youth cult where everyone lives forever. Vampires are what we hope we'd be if we were immortal but if you look at the result of clinging to youth the result is face-lifted surgical nightmare zombies. Welcome to the revolution Angelina and Madonna!"
12/17/2010 page 235
57.0% "'The Care & Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn' by Diana Peterfreund. I know I gave Nix shit about his story just being a set up for a world, but this story IS an awesome set up BUT also has a great kick-ass girl character and SCARY unicorns. Peterfreund has TWO books in this world. YAY!"
12/19/2010 page 271
65.0% "'Inoculata' by Scott Westerfeld. Everyone does surviving the zombie apocalypse but what about the next generation. I like Allison, her crush/love/chemical infatuation with Kalyn and the interesting next step in zombie evolution. But this is all set up, a first chapter in the book I hope Westerfeld is writing. Unlike 'Killer Baby Unicorn' it doesn't feel complete on its own."
12/19/2010 page 321
77.0% "'Princess Prettypants' by Meg Cabot. Am I allowed to say this story of a modern girl getting a unicorn for her seventeenth birthday is sweet? It isn't because of Prettypants but because despite there being cellphones and Youtube and drinking parties, Cabot allows her teen characters to retain that naivete of youth and even have a sweet, if conventional, love story. A nice addition in the mix of the anthology."
12/19/2010 page 348
84.0% "'Cold Hands' by Cassandra Clare. A disquieting story where the 'happy' ending is all to familiar, the normal is the horror."
12/19/2010 page 381
92.0% "The unicorn is a conscious monster in this one. How he interlocks with the third virgin is very good. I do wonder if it could have gotten there faster. As for resolution, it doesn't so much end as continue on its weary immortal way..."
12/19/2010 page 415
100.0% "'Prom Night' by Libba Bray. Hmmm another next generation story. (Westerfeld did this as well.) This one captures the mood of desperation, doom, mostly bitterness of graduating into a world where death surrounds you."

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