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The Unwritten, Vol. 2 by Mike Carey
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** spoiler alert ** Tom Taylor’s father, Wilson, wrote a series of best-selling books for children (think “Harry Potter”) about the magical adventures of Tommy Taylor and his battles against the evil vampire, Count Ambrosio, and Tom was able to eke a decent living out of posing as Tommy Taylor. But his status as a celebrity figure works against him when he is discovered in the wrong place at the wrong time – at a crime scene where multiple people have been murdered. And, although Tom has not yet been convicted of the crime, the world is buzzing about his possible culpability – mostly people are horrified that the guy who has been the face of Tommy Taylor has become associated with such a terrible crime. Tom is sent to prison, pending his trial, and the warden is particularly set against him as his children love the Tommy Taylor books and are practically living the stories. He makes arrangements for Tom to meet with a fatal “accident,” but Tom manages to escape before any of these plans come to fruition. He has some inside help from a blogger (who is chronicling his story), and a mysterious woman, Liz (she’s been in communication with Tom’s father), who brings him Tommy Taylor’s door knob (the one that the book hero uses to create doorways to whatever places he wants to go). Tom is able to use the knob to take them all out of the prison. But he transports them into the book world – specifically, into a Jewish novel that was brought to film and twisted into Nazi propaganda. There he begins to realize that he has some unusual powers – not unlike the Tommy Taylor of the popular series.

This is an amazing beginning – dark, creepy, and unusual – and I’m intrigued. Full color artwork illustrates Tom’s story, and is interrupted (and complimented) by news alerts (forum posts, news articles, blogs, and Google search results) – all relating to his arrest and the allegations made against him. There are hints that Tom might not be a real person, that he really is the fictional character Tommy Taylor, but that something has happened to make him real. So far, he’s able to use some of Tommy Taylor’s powers (the door knob), but he’s also able to travel into other books, and call other fictional characters to him. Liz “talks” with Tom’s father (the author) by picking up books and reading his responses to what she says. We still don’t know exactly what Wilson Taylor’s part in this is, or if Tom is guilty of the murders, or what he’s going to do next, but it’s clear he’s going to have more trouble – his nemesis is now in the real world, and he’s on the prowl.

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