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Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh
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Feb 03, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2011

** spoiler alert ** this story focuses on Vaughan and Faith

He is drawn to her house which is near the woods even though he did not know who lived there...

Faith she determined to reach Sasha and trusted that she would be taken to her ...

she predicts the future and she is starting to feel like her abilities are cracking and she wants to escape the PsyWeb like Sasha ...
But she learns that Sasha is sustained by Lucas and the Web of Stars

What Faith does not realise is that Vaughan has bonded with her without her knowledge even though it means he will never be able to bond another...

He gives her a choice to stay or come with him

she goes of course

then something (a mind) touches hers after they incapacitate a Psy murderer ... the NetMind
the mind communicates with Faith via images - flowers, sunshine, rain etc
the NetMind feels
it can travel between networks and sees the web of stars as another network
each network develops its own NetMind - the web of stars own NetMind is a baby
Faith saw several smaller networks not just theirs and a really samll one which turns out to be the Laurens'
the NetMind is not bound to the Psy Council - it is like a teenagers questioning everything it sees
it sees evil in the Net and the evil is affecting everything anf if nothing stops it thit will kill the Net -like a rot

the killer who they incapacitated was processed by the 'darkness'
because of the Silence' the NetMind was divided and the evil is growing same as netmind is...
in web of stars and Laurens case the Netmind is a single entity

Until the Dark mind and Net mind are joined, the Psy will continue to produce the most vicious serial killers on the planet

Vaughan worries about how to protect Faith and the Council send a group of Arrows to kill her (same as Judd used be)
Vaughan kills them all as a jaguar and they place the dead bodies into the Councilors homes as a warning....
The Psy are able to tell that the same jaguar killed all of them - they agree that it is a waste of valuable resourses to try and kill her.
Eventually, her father contacts her through Sasha, and she agreed to subcontract predictions for a fee.. he has told the Council that he will not allow them to hurt her in any way becasue she still will be generating funds for their clan.
she hugs him.
She has an idea (using the money that will come as fees) to save those Psy who disappeared into the Net but might still be alive.. wonder what that will be?
her father seems to be more than just an adult Psy and he seems to be controlling the council and said that "if all the strong ones leave then the Council will be without limits"
Vaughan says he does not stink like a Psy usually does - Faith does not either (or Judd)
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