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Not That Kind of Girl by Susan Donovan
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Dec 13, 10

I *LOVE* most of Susan Donovan's novels... so her last one (which was so bad I couldn't finish) had me anxious about what I'd find here with this conclusion to her "dog walker" trilogy.

The good:
* Really excellent relationship with the main characters, as well as interesting side plots. All that I love in a great contemporary romance.
* Development, falling in love, etc. not just 'lusty' attraction. Love that.
* Funny, heart warming, sad, and happy moments - a total package.
* Lots of scenes with dogs and dog training - was interesting to me, and well described in my experience.

um... there was just one BAD in this book. To be honest, it nearly RUINED the whole book for me. This book has one scene where our couple gets together for the first time... and it's AWFUL. I'm not a fan of graphic sex scenes in books as it is - but this was beyond ick. The worst part was that the dude, well, you know how to assert dominance over a dog sometimes you flip it on it's back and gently hold it's neck? Um... he likes to do that... during sex.

I wish the author had just not written the scene because good lord. I loved the book minus that WHOLE scene. I didn't need to know about that. I couldn't get back into the story in quite the same way after that display. If I go *la la la la I can't hear you* and delete that entire scene I loved the book.

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