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Until I Find You by John Irving
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Dec 13, 2010

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** I can't believe what drivel this was.

I am not an anti-Irvingist, like many I know. I'm really not. However, had this been my only experience with the man, I'd think he was an over-hyped wanna-be misogynist. (Pity if you can't even get misogyny down correctly.)

I predicted almost everything that happened in this book. That's not to say that I'm so insightful, because I'm not. It's just that so much of it was fairly obvious. Was it a huge revelation that the meeting with Michelle would be a disappointment? NO, because he never really seemed to like her at all, until she called him weird. Was it a shock that his memories were wrong/distorted, as a child? No, because Irving uses qualifiers like "it seemed at the time," and "according to the four-year-old Jack..."

What a waste of time. Oh, and did he need to remind us of things that happened three pages before? If you're going to tediously describe all of Williams doctors to us, do you really need to parenthetically remind us which one was the "fact-man" two pages later? Also, did we NEED to know all of that?


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