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Across the Universe by Beth Revis
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Dec 13, 2010

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Read from January 13 to February 24, 2011

Updated! Now with a spoiler-y rant!

I just typed up an entire review for this book. First actual review I've actually typed up in several months, but because my wireless mouse is evil I lost the whole thing while I was making a few revisions, right before posting it. I kid you not. I'm pretty devastated because I wasted way too much time typing it up even though I should be in bed, because I'm really sick right now.

I might come back and post an actual review after I'm no longer leaking snot and/or hacking up my lungs and/or choking on my rage and/or weeping.


The only reason I'm giving this book 3 stars is because Beth Revis had the guts to end the book in the way that she did. Not many authors would do such a thing, particularly these days when everything YA must end with a HEA wrapped in a pretty red bow.

If Across the Universe had ended with an HEA I would have given it the 1 star it really deserves. The only redeeming thing about this book is the way that it ends. Under the circumstances a HEA would have been completely inappropriate. (view spoiler)


Update 01/20/12: This isn't a review so much as it is a spoiler-y rant about this book. Don't click the spoiler if you haven't finished reading Across the Universe. (view spoiler)
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02/03/2011 "I finished this like two weeks ago. I liked it well enough but this book ends in a way that leaves me feeling more then a little bit conflicted so I don't know how to rate this book. I'll probably have to read it again. :\"

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message 1: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Hope you feel better! I hate it when that happens.

message 2: by Always (new) - added it

Always AWW ! I'm so sorry, but, even if that's not your actual review-- love it :)

Shelli That is the worst when that happens! I try and type everything in Word first then cut and past - but sometimes I forget. Hope you feel better and always love reading your reviews

Elena reat rant! Even though I liked Across the Universe a lot, I don't think Amy belongs with Elder. Their romance is forced and just plain wrong. I would love Beth Revis for ever if this series ended without them getting together. But what I care about most in this book is the fate of the rest of the ships crew, I find their situation very hopeless and disturbing and want to find out what happens to them.

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