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Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green
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May 13, 11

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Read from May 11 to 13, 2011 — I own a copy

I'm kind of ashamed to give this book such a poor rating because, clearly, everybody else liked it. I wouldn't even have given it 2 stars if not for the fact that it made laugh a couple of times.
I think this book is SO not for me.
First off, I'm not quite sure why it's called Will Grayson, Will Grayson because, clearly again, this book is not about either Wills. It's about Tiny Cooper, a humongous, self-centered, selfish, loud and super clichéd gay guy. This guy is so self-centered that the plot of the book is basically about him staging a musical about himself. WTF? I thought it would be more about the two Graysons, interacting with each other but they are actually connected only through Tiny.
And, truth be said, I didn't like either of them. Will #1 (Green's) is a nerdy straight guy whose two main rules in life are: 1) don't care; and 2) shut up. I couldn't empathize. He's passive, subject to Tiny's whims and still he loves him. His romance with Jane felt contrived and popped out all of a sudden.
Will #2 (Levithan's) is even worse. He's gay, emo, chronically depressed, tormented by his parent's divorce and perpetually in a bad mood. He's kind of the worst case scenario for a teenager.
Both Wills ramble a lot, there's a lot of IM in the book and weird pointless conversations. Even the whole musical scene at the end was just plain silly. I don't really know who would care about a musical about Tiny Cooper's gay love life. I wouldn't and didn't. I kept thinking: maybe there's some weird symbolism I'm not getting here? I have no clue, I felt this book to be surreal at times. AND I don't really see how Will #2 managed to make other people with the same name go to a stupid musical in a couple of hours. Why would THEY care?

So, again, it might be this book might be better appreciated by real teenagers - not teen at heart like me -but truly, if not for some rather startlingly genius passages like this:

"you know, how people say it's good luck if a bird shits on you? and people believe it! i just want to grab them and say, 'dude, don't you realize this whole superstition was made up because no one could think of anything else good to say to a person who'd just been shit upon?"

or this:

<3. you think that looks like heart? if you do, it's only because you've never seen a scrotum.
(rofl? what? are you really rolling on the floor laughing? well, please stay down there a sec while I KICK YOUR ASS.)

this would book would have not got even that extra star from me. But, obviously, it must be me because check out the awards it got!
Sorry, Green and Levithan, you're just not my cup of tea.

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Lucy Great review. I was probably too generous when I gave this book three stars instead of two. Watching John's youtube channel has endeared him to me too much.

Meg ♥ I will probably finish this book tonight, because I love John Green, but I agree. This book just isn't that great.

message 4: by Roshan (new)

Roshan I couldn't stand tiny cooper. he was getting on my nerves, such characters are meant to be in the background. I only liked Tiny in the beginning and that was because i was assuming this is a comic relief character (whose fitting into the chair was a daily miracle lol). I expected that he'll shift into the background the moment the "main twist" unfolds. But no, Will#1 meets Will#2, and nothing happens. they have nothing to do with eachother. Their meeting only serves to make Tiny meet Will#2, who falls for him. And to make Will#2 be romantically interested in him was a JOKE. This book crossed the line really, it is not realistic for anyone to want to be around Tiny. How did he even have so many boyfirends, i womder. And i dont mean to be mean but Tiny Cooper is large as a sofa, he is obese enough for it to be a miracle for him to fit in a why would he have a long list of boyfriends?

When Will#2 called in big guy or big boy or something, tiny texts back saying that he likes that nickname. I was just like wow, he actually wants his fat body to be appropriated into language that normalized or erased the fact that his fatness is unattractive...he is seemed too comfortable with his fat and...he actually expects someone to be cool with it and accept and love it as much as he does. I think that is a Womderful ideal, to be so self accepting and expecting to be loved just as we are.... but i dont find it very realistic. Maybe Tiny is a sign of progress, maybe the world has moved ahead and im too superficial and uncool.

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