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Once in a Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber
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Dec 12, 2010

liked it

There were things I liked and didn't like:

Things I didn't like:
-It's good to foreshadow, but... it got annoying, I just wanted to be like "I know it's going to happen, how many time are you going to remind me?"
-I don't think that Celeste and Brandon got to KNOW each other very well...
-Nash. He had his good moments, but my goodness this boy is a annoying.
-best friends...that might leave you because you're talking to someone they don't like??

Things I liked:
-The attraction between Celeste and Brandon... (but you can't fall in love with a presence..)
-Even though it's stupid.. the way eastsiders and westsiders treat each other.. i didn't like it at first, but then I thought it kind of went with the story.
-Celeste wasn't stupid. THANK goodness. not one of those push over types.
-The way Brandon looks in my head... ah, I'm young It's okay for me to say that.

Thing I LOVED:
-Mr. Worthington (Did I spell his name right?) Anyway, he was an old man at a nursing home and my favorite character. I love him! He's adorable and I wish He was my grandpa.


Okay I pretty much said it up there ^ but... HOW DID they fall in love?? She was attracted to him then boom I turn the page and it's all "he's my true love!" whatttttt?

Ivy, her bff, Is annoying. and if her friends would drop her for being happy with Brandon then wow... they're not very good friends. Sheesh.

Nash. The exboyfriend. Is so WEIRD to me. He takes her on dates to his PRACTICES? what a jerk! ha.
Sure the endings pretty happy... I'll take a guess and say there's a number two?

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highlightofyournight ahhaa, oh , god. your review made me crack up! So true.
Nash and his dates to his PRACTICES. I couldn't believe it at first!
I loved Brandon as a singular in the story, yeah, but woah - you're correct in saying they didn't spend enough time together , especially for us to think of them as TOGETHER.

Bd602grl I really like Brandon and enjoyed the the storyline about his family. That was pretty cool didn't see that coming..
I can understand where she is worried about her friends ditching her because of who she is dating it happens in the real world and it was a worry I related to.

Linda I perfectly understand how she fell in love Brandon, he saved her life, he was her knight in shining armor. That would sweep any girl off her feet

Linda He saved her life from the wolves that is how celeste came to fall in love with brandon

Mariah Tonn Yeah the next book comes out in three days!:D

message 1: by Lupe (new)

Lupe I could agree better myself on Brandon getting to know Celeste a little long it just when so fast . I also still young and the she described Brandon she made look so cute .

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