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Paranoia by Joseph Finder
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Dec 12, 10

The story begins with Adam Cassidy, a low level employee at Wyatt Telecom, diverting funds from his employer’s slush fund to pay for a friend’s retirement party. He fully expects to be caught and fired for his acts. Yet instead of termination he is charged with trumped up allegations of embezzlement and threatened with legal action that can land him in jail for quite some time. The company’s cruel and manipulative founder offers him an alternative, go to work for their competitor Trion Systems, get close to the founder, steal company secrets regarding an ultra-secret project, then deliver them to Wyatt.

Wyatt gives Cassidy a false identity, new Porsche, expensive suits, a swanky place to live, and a hottie of a girlfriend who turns out to be on Wyatt’s payroll. But Cassidy soon realizes these luxuries are but a fleeting mirage while the Trion CEO treats him like a son with dignity and respect. Conflict: Will Cassidy show loyalty to his new father figure and risk of going to prison by Wyatt’s trumped up charges?

This is a book anybody who has ever worked for a big company can relate to. The mind numbing meetings, incompetent jerk bosses, office politics. Greed driven by a lack of ethics and stupidity motivates the bad guys. Company Man is a quick moving story and Finder deftly uses deception and twists and turns in the plot. Although the ending was a bit anti-climatic though, Company Man was a very good read. Since Goodreads will not allow me to give it a three and a half star review, I give Paranoia three stars and an exclamation mark (and I never give those away).
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