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While Passion Sleeps by Shirlee Busbee
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Dec 14, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from December 12 to 13, 2010

While Passion Sleeps by Shirlee Busbee


The story begins in England with young 17 year old Elizabeth Selby, the h. She is a shy, timid, lonely girl. Just reading the few pages of the intro, my emotions were immediately sucked into the plot. Her father, Lord Selby, is one despicable SOB.

In her meeting with her father, she is informed that he and her step-mother have chosen a husband for her and she is to be married, pronto, and leave his house - forever. Bastard. Well, the husband they have chosen for her comes from America with some unsavory shadows on his character. But what the hell do they care? They just want her gone and out of their lives along with the reminder she presents of daddy's 1st mismatched marriage.

So, off to America, 1st stop Louisiana, she goes with her new young husband. What Busbee has done with the characters of Elizabeth and Nathan are so well written (as with all the characters in this story), that they became living breathing people to this reader resulting in immediate emotional involvement.

Enters the H, Renegade Rafael Santana, the Spanish aristo who has been raised by the black hair, tall, bronze, with dead cold silver eyes...dangerous and oh so sexy. It only takes a moment for Rafael to spot Elizabeth and the fire in this story is ignited.

5 Star
Republic of Texas taking place 3 or 4 years after the defeat at the Alamo
Early 1840's
Heroine Drugged
same sex

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message 1: by Karla (new)

Karla Oh I've GOT to read me another Busbee sometime soon....

Sharon Karla wrote: "Oh I've GOT to read me another Busbee sometime soon...."

This was a damn good book Karla. I remember I was disappointed in the last Busbee book I read (Lady Vixon?) Well, she redeemed herself in this one 200%

message 3: by Karla (new)

Karla Woot! The one sounds great. I liked Lady Vixen, so I'm bound to enjoy this one. :)

message 4: by Zeek (last edited Apr 21, 2011 06:23AM) (new)

Zeek She was one of the first Romance authors I fell for oh so long ago. They're old school and oh so torrid! I remember adoring Tiger Lady and Deceive Not My Heart- I think it was? because of those heroes. ::shiver:: Anyway they dont write those kinds of stories anymore- you know, the ones you get lost in? le sigh (Still i wonder if I would think the same if i reread them now with much older eyes? I still have the originals in my books case, I should try a reread at some pt!)

I can understand why Lady Vixen would be difficult it was written originally in the 70's I think. Old OLD school! ha!

Sharon Zeek wrote: "She was one of the first Romance authors I fell for oh so long ago. They're old school and oh so torrid! I remember adoring Tiger Lady and Deceive Not My Heart- I think it was? because of those h..."

You know,

Lady Vixen wasn't the Busbee book I didn't like, my mistake. That one was ok. The 2 I read by her that I had to force myself to finish were Gypsy Ladyand Love a Dark Rider. 2 out of 2 isn't bad and I have one or 2 more still to read. Old skool bodice rippers are my favorites and I agree with you about the shivers those dark alphas cause. I don't think your older eyes will be disappointed in the least if you re-read 'em.

message 6: by Zeek (new)

Zeek I dont know I still love my dark alphas- which is why I read alot of paranmoral romance, the last haven for the alpha male. I'm un pc like that! ;)

Oh yes Gypsy lady was the one I was thinking of too!

Sharon Zeek wrote: "I dont know I still love my dark alphas- which is why I read alot of paranmoral romance, the last haven for the alpha male. I'm un pc like that! ;)..."

I like those un PC paranormals too but I don't find much out there with the darker alphas. The ones I really liked in series I've picked up are Burning Wild and J R Ward's LOVER REVEALED. Those 2 were dark enough to keep my attention.

Please let me know of others Zeek. I'm always looking for good ones.

message 8: by Zeek (last edited Apr 21, 2011 11:19AM) (new)

Zeek have you read any Kresley Cole's books? A Hunger Like No Other had a hero some lesser ladies winced over. Have you read any Shannon Mckenna books? more like erotic romantic suspense but hooo boy are those boys alpha! Behind Closed Doors is the first.

hmmm what else- OH old Linda Howard- After the Night women REALLY have issues with Grey but he won me over! any of her older ones are soooo good! My favorite rereads!

I'm sure I can find more for you! :P

Sharon Oh yes, I've read Shannon Mckenna. Seth Mackay is my favorite contemporary alpha. I love that man and can't remember how many times I've re-read BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.
Already planning to re-read it again too!

I read Kresley Coles books in the beginning of that series a few years ago. They were fun.

Thanks for Linda Howard's rec. I ought to have that book (which I don't think I've read yet). Will certainly be looking for it if it's not on my shelf. I agree with you about her older ones...they are so good.

message 10: by Zeek (last edited Apr 21, 2011 11:58AM) (new)

Zeek I envy you your first read of After the Night if you havent read it yet. sigh

Ok have you read Karen Marie Moning's fever series?? God- Barrons!

have you read all Judith Mcnaught's oldies? I'm sure you have- Uber alphas too!

message 11: by Zeek (last edited Apr 21, 2011 12:06PM) (new)

Zeek have you read Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series? Def. dark alpha's but the series doesnt get really good till a little later down the road. (My favorites were Evermore and Twilight Fall. The hero for TF was a Dom and he made me all shivery. But srsly the others a good too- these two were just my favs. The first in the series took some getting into plotwise- but talk about Dark Alpha!) I'd be interested in hearing what you think tho!

Sharon Nope, haven't read either of those.

I have the first one in Moning's series Darkfever but only read the prologue. I can't remember why I set it aside now. Hum. Must have gotten in a book I was waiting for...Penelope Williams' Once in a Blue Moon and once I started that one, I could not put it down. Really, really good. Just haven't gotten to writing a review yet.

message 13: by Zeek (last edited Apr 21, 2011 12:10PM) (new)

Zeek How 'bout old Iris Johansen. I remember being memorized by The Tiger Prince and The Wind Dancer was a fantastic fantastic bodice ripper (as was the entire trilogy). Just try and find the originals because rumor has it the later editions have been edited!!

message 14: by Zeek (last edited Apr 21, 2011 12:13PM) (new)

Zeek Darkfever is hard to get into but push thru because you MUST meet Barrons if you like dark alpha's. There's tons of sexual tension but bedroom scenes dont come til later however ! Still you're really missing something if you dont try it. I wouldnt lead astray I promise! :D

Sharon Zeek wrote: "have you read Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series?"

Yes, I read that series when it came out. Just haven't read the last book yet...Robinhood I think. Guess I haven't read it because I didn't want it to end. Wondering if the disease with the King got resolved. Now that you brought it to my attention, I'm going to have to dig out that last book soon.

message 16: by Zeek (last edited Apr 21, 2011 12:34PM) (new)

Zeek The last one was good but not as good as TF and Evermore imo. The series sorta continues with the Kyndred. I've only read the first one thus far (have the next two in my mountainous TBR pile) but I really liked it! AND the couple from Dark Need shows up! Shadowlight

Sharon I didn't know Viehl continued on. I thought the Darkyn was it. Well, I've got a list now...thank you very much Zeek. I'm gonna be looking for the Johansen trilogy you recommended and pick up again Moning's book I have. Just hate to start a series without all the books on hand first. I'm going to check your bookshelves too.

message 18: by Zeek (new)

Zeek Good luck! :)

Sharon I'm looking forward to going on my hunt. God only knows how much crap I have to do around here...but the lure and promise of a good book is mighty powerful...dark alpha addict that I am...

message 20: by Zeek (last edited Apr 21, 2011 01:02PM) (new)

Zeek Well everyone has different tastes so who knows if we'll end up liking the same- but, since you still like some of the old school ones AND hey, anyone who gets Seth is ok in my book so...


(be sure to read After the Night by Linda Howard- I'm dying to see hear what you think about Gray, he really gets a bad rap- as does Barrons for that matter! But if you hang with them... well we'll see what you think!)

message 21: by Zeek (new)

Zeek and I totally undestand about the lure of the dark alpha. I start getting pissed when my schedule gets too busy to read! arrrgh

Sharon Yes, when things get out of hand around here and reading is the last thing I ought to be indulging in, I have to force a mind set to keep my hands off a book.

Barron's is intriguing me. That series is one I'm going to get serious about searching for. Glad you mentioned the re-writes on the Johansen books. Nothing irritates the shit out of me more than picking up a book that has been ruined with a re-write as the result of today's mores....

I caught that issue with one of Coulter's oldies, thank you mistress for watching over us BR's readers. Almost got suckered in to picking up a re-edited Marsha Canham out on kindle. Thanks again, caught it just before my finger hit the purchase button on Amazon.

Thanks again for your recs. Going to take a look at McNaught's, never read anything by her.

message 23: by Karla (new)

Karla Sharon wrote: "Almost got suckered in to picking up a re-edited Marsha Canham out on kindle."

I'm REALLY miffed about that. I bought an ebook that I now don't care to read. Dammit.

Sharon Oh Karla,
I caught it just in time before I bought it. I think it's in the mail now (the original version), so when I get it and read it, I'll send it on to you. If it's really, really good (Like I Hope to Hell), you are gonna have to send it back to me when your done. How does that sound?

message 25: by Zeek (last edited Apr 21, 2011 01:45PM) (new)

Zeek OMG you never read anything by MCNAUGHT??! be still my heart

Start with Once and Always- he really ticks off the pansy ass pc'ers who cant handle a real man! (lol!)

Also Whitney, My Love. Granted I havent read it in awhile but I know the hero really bugs alot of ladies. I personally like Perfect and Paradise and also Kingdom of Dreams- well shoot all of hers! haha!

message 26: by Zeek (new)

Zeek LOL- one gal had this in her review about the hero of Once and Always

-a brute
-a self-righteous jerk

sounds right up my ally! LMAO!

Lynsey A Oh, I love the old Shirlee Busbee books! This is one of my absolute favorite. Completely un-pc but I love it anyway. Their love story is quite a roller coaster ride.

My first book by Shirlee Busbee was Deceive Not My Heart. Loved it! I sure wish she still wrote like she did back then.

I did not enjoy Gypsy Love, either. Did not like the rape of the heroine by Davalos. I think that was his name. Although, I did enjoy the story where the son of the couple in Gypsy Lady falls in love with Davalos's daughter. Interesting story.

Sharon I've got to go take a look at the UBS ... NOW.

You can't just keep dropping temptation in front of my nose. I'm weak, I'm addicted, and I'm not ashamed. :D

message 29: by Zeek (new)

Zeek Ok, I'll leave you be- I gots to run anyway! But I'l be checkin back on you from time to time, just to see what ya think!


Sharon I'm already out the door woman ... with my new list!

Sharon Lynsey A wrote: "Oh, I love the old Shirlee Busbee books! This is one of my absolute favorite. Completely un-pc but I love it anyway. Their love story is quite a roller coaster ride.

Hi Lynsey,
I wanted to make a comment after I read your post here, but I was overwhelmed with this urge to head straight way to my nearest UBS to try to find some of the titles recommended here. No luck, but of course I didn't come back empty handed. :D

I agree with you the Busbee's books aren't PC, but then I probably wouldn't like her writing if they were. My favorite so far has been
Deceive Not My Heart
That one will stay on my keeper shelf to read again and maybe again.

There aren't alot of keepers for me which is really surprising because of all the books I've read. But, guess there just aren't that many that inspire me to RE-read. This one of Busbee's has that power :D

Lynsey A Hi, Sharon. Deceive Not My Heart by Shirlee Busbee is my favorite too.

Well, I'm a collector of books so I have lots of keepers. Maybe someday I will get rid of some of them but right now I can't bear to part with any of them. :-)

Her newer ones are more PC than her older ones. I need to find her latest ones. Have you read them?

Sharon No, when I buy I look for books published in the 1970's and 1980's. Depending on the author I'll go into the early 1990's. I just prefer books written then unless someone recommends a book to me. I'm not concerned with PC writing. I don't have an aversion to it, it just seems they aren't as interesting, intense in relationships, no holds bared, or informative regarding historical eras.

My preferences change but I just want a good story that is going to draw me THERE and hold me to the very last page.

message 34: by Lynsey A (last edited Apr 23, 2011 12:46PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynsey A Not many books these days can match the older ones, that is true. Good idea to stick to Busbee's older books.

I know you didn't like Gypsy Lady but the story about their son Adam - I think that's his name - is pretty good. It is about their son and the daughter of the man who raped the heroine in Gypsy Lady. The book is called Each Time We Love, I believe.

ETA: I didn't much care for Gypsy Lady either.

Sharon Thank you Lynsey, I think I would like to read that one...

Each Time We Love. Busbee seems to be a hit then miss. Davalos was killed in Gypsy Lady, right?

message 36: by Lynsey A (last edited Apr 24, 2011 02:48PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynsey A You're welcome, Sharon.

Yes, he was. If I recall correctly, the heroes Indiana friend killed him for what he did. It's been a long time since I read that one.

I did write to Shirlee about that one and the rape scene. She told me that it was written because when she wrote the book it was what was being written by romance authors during that time. She said it was hard to write and she would never write a rape scene again.

Sharon I remember now. I read a bit over 300 pages and by that time I was so sick of the bickering and everything about Catherine's character that I couldn't stomach her anymore so I just skimmed through the remainder of the book.

For being enmeshed with the gypsy's so much while growing up, she turned into one sorry disappointment as a female lead. Very misrepresented.

I still have the book (for some reason) and maybe sometime I will read the last 200 pages ( rather than skim them).


Lynsey A You know, I still have the book but I doubt I will ever read it again. I just keep it because Shirlee was one of my fave authors. Maybe one day I'll get rid of it but right now it sits on the bookshelf.

Sharon If I only had one bookshelf I would probably hang onto more books I think I might want to read again...but, (hanging my head), that's not the case here. I've got 3 and they are so full I have a hard time finding a particular book at any given time.

message 40: by Lynsey A (last edited Apr 26, 2011 02:45PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynsey A Well, you are a better person than me. Although, I have plenty of bookshelves, I still have books overflowing. :)

Sharon Lynsey A wrote: "Well, you are a better person than me. Although, I have plenty of bookshelves, I still have books overflowing. :)"

You know Lynsey, new construction on homes have hit the bottom of the housing market...but I think that if contractors incorporated huge libraries in them (like we read about in those old homes in historical romances - regencies), I betcha the new house market would pick right up.

message 42: by Sharon (last edited Apr 26, 2011 04:40PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sharon You know what I'm talking about, right? THE LIBRARY. The room the heroine steps into because she can't get her libido under control and go to sleep.

So, she takes a candle to THE LIBRARY which is wall to wall book shelves - floor to ceiling - with a ladder attached so she can reach the very top shelf that's probably 20 or 30 feet high. Yes, I think the housing market would pick up if contractors added THE EVERY new house they build.

message 43: by Zeek (new)

Zeek Belle's Library. I think I would fall instantly in love with a man who gave me a library like the Beast gave Belle. Bet that's when she fell for him too.

Sharon That IS when she feel for him. And to put the icing on the cake, it was ALL hers. He took all his books out.

Sharon Well, maybe she didn't feel for him right then, this was rated G. Maybe later and nobody was told about it.

Lynsey A Absolutely agree, Sharon. We plan to build our next house and it will have a library. Me and the man have already talked about that. :)

Sharon Does your man have a brother?

Lynsey A LOL Yes, but he's married and nowhere near as wonderful as mine. :)

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