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Second Chances by Lauren Dane
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Dec 12, 2010

really liked it
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Read on December 12, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Having read five of Dane's other books, I was happy to come across this in the Kindle store and got it on a whim.

Major huge spoilers ahead. You've been warned!

As Rori comes back home after a ten year hiatus (Dane likes ten year breaks, evident in other novels :)) she comes to know some people from her past, one being Jude, who was her friend even when she was overweight with braces and glasses. Something I like about Dane's men is that although they are, at times stereotypically piggish and jerk-like, she still has some very real aspects to them. I know men like Jude. They aren't so caught up in appearances to forgo friendships with women who may not be their normal type of lay. And Jude certainly did have his share of women in his bed. That's another thing I like about the contemporary romances I have read lately: once a guy finds his number one, all other women are off the table.

Anyway, Jude royally screws up and Rori finds herself in the masterful hands of one Zach Helm, who is the dominant partner she never knew she needed. I have to say, I didn't know what sort of D/s stuff this novel had in store for me but it was well-written, from what I know of that subculture. Rori is happy with Zach but all along, we're being led to believe that Jude is still pining for her. Honestly? I had no idea how Dane was going to conclude this.

Props to the author for taking that big scary step in writing. It takes serious guts to kill off a character. Especially a good one that readers will have come to love. I was a little shocked but in the end - SPOILER!-

once she gets over the enormous shock of Zach's death, Rori is back with Jude, who has changed in the last year, not even being with another woman. I was afraid I wouldn't believe it but Dane wrote this really well. As contemporary romances go, this one was pretty damn good.

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