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Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky
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Dec 11, 10

Read in December, 2010

Awaken is a very unique story set in the year of 2060. This incredible story realistic portrays the digital age which physical human contact has become the rarity. Education, socializing, and business has all be corporated into computer networking. In this world it is no longer necessary to leave the comfort of your home for anything. Convience is the means which everything is built, and in creating this world society can safely hide from the world. [return][return][return][return]Maggie is a seventeen year old girl that is also the daughter of "genius" that created Digital School. DS has been the break through that truely allowed youth to remain protected from the violence that had become a norm in their society. Maggie lives in constant turmoil with her parents that are polar opposites. While her father is dedicated to the digital age, and continues to increase the productivity in this rapidly growing world; her mother values the old ways and continually tries to instill knowledge and lessons in her daughter to keep the old ways alive. When Maggie agrees to meet a young man from a tutoring social network this begin to turn her world even further upside down. Playing on her already growing interest in anything not digital; Justin is the perfect leader to show her many things that the digital world can not offer. Awaken is frighteningly realistic enlight of our own rapidly growing digital world. Interestingly this society has relied on computers so much that they no longer perceive their own emotions. This was evident in seeing Maggie and Justin's interactions it was obvious how much this young girl was no longer an individual, but more just a body behind a computer. As the story progressed their were many times that Maggie would vocalize her need for a backspace or delete button. This shows the lack of ability to do things as simple as censoring what to say before actually saying it. As the world begins to unfold for this young girl it was as though she had never actually seen the world. This was a tremendously entertaining and slightly scary story wrapped up in a suspense and romance. I look for this to be a best seller this coming year, and look forward to spreading the word about this amazing book. [return][return]
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