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Blood And Flowers by Penny Blubaugh
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Feb 20, 11

really liked it
Read from February 18 to 20, 2011

Summary: Persia works as a program-maker for the Outlaws, a group of traveling puppeteers who perform satirical shows. When the Outlaws run into a bit of trouble with the law, they escape to Faerie, a magical place that, if one wishes hard enough, can offer refuge. However, the fey don’t have a great reputation in the mortal realm, so the Outlaws might be in more trouble there than they were before…

My thoughts: Penny Blubaugh’s vivid fantasy is not one to be missed. It transports the reader (along with its characters) into a whole new world filled with sharp-toothed creatures and political unrest. I fell in love with Blood and Flowers almost instantly; the way it’s written is clever and whimsical, and the whole time I was enraptured with its merry band of characters.

Though the story is told through the eyes of Persia, a girl who has a somewhat underdeveloped “bad past”, the characters that are not Persia were wonderfully crafted. I especially enjoyed the lone faerie of the group, Floss, because her blissful one-liners made me crack up.

Other characters of note include El Jeffery, a lovable griffin, Elbe, a mysterious man with a shop that you’ll only find if he wants you to, and Lucia, a somewhat dreamy girl who once wished herself into Faerie. Each member of the Outlaws contributed something unique to the story, and when they all came together, their camaraderie and teamwork was impressive. I loved reading about how the team put together a show! Each performance took quite a bit of coordination, and I found it fascinating how everything came together to create something fantastic!

Speaking of shows, Penny Blubaugh crafted at least two stories within Blood and Flowers to serve as the plays her characters put on. I enjoyed Persia’s outlines of the stories that they were to perform, and admired their creativity.

Though I do sing the praises of the characters and the storyline, I must note that I enjoyed them on entertainment value alone. Blood and Flowers offers little that will allow the reader to connect with the story or characters, but is still a wonderful fantasy read. If you let go of yourself while reading, you’ll find it to be quite enjoyable; it provides an excellent escape into the lives of street performers—a life I personally found to be very interesting. If you love fantasy, I’d recommend you give Blood and Flowers a try—you’ll be swept off your feet!

4/5 stars

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