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Haven by Kristi Cook
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Mar 01, 2011

it was ok
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Read from February 14 to 20, 2011

Between 2 and 3 stars. My thoughts are all in my status updates
Review in form of a vlog here: http://overflowingshelf.blogspot.com/...
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Reading Progress

02/14/2011 page 1
02/14/2011 page 19
5.0% "*sigh*"
02/16/2011 page 42
10.0% "I find myself talking to this book"
02/18/2011 page 114
27.0% "Here we go again"
02/18/2011 page 119
29.0% "No shit you don't know a lot about him you just met him"
02/18/2011 page 123
30.0% "Oh no. The mysterious I don't want to hurt you line."
02/18/2011 page 129
31.0% "Oh god. Gag me with a spoon."
02/18/2011 page 133
32.0% "I'm trying so hard not to say what in actually feeling right now"
02/18/2011 page 137
33.0% "*cringe* that PHRASE! *shutters*"
02/18/2011 page 137
33.0% ""Geez, three cups of spiked coffee, and I hadn't even notice? I was worse off than I thought." --Yeah you are. because you thinking about some BOY"
02/18/2011 page 144
35.0% "Geez, three cups of spiked coffee, and I hadn't even notice? I was worse off than I thought." --Yeah you are. because you thinking about some BOY"
02/18/2011 page 148
36.0% "oh. my. god. such a cheesy line"
02/18/2011 page 150
36.0% ""'i try to stay away from you, but I just can't do it.'" - ahh reminiscent of another book *eyes Twilight*"
02/18/2011 page 154
37.0% "He comes to the dance as a vampire...i wonder why"
02/18/2011 page 163
39.0% "wtf is going on..."
02/18/2011 page 163
39.0% "so saw that coming a mile away. I think a blind person could of saw that coming."
02/18/2011 page 169
41.0% "Now she denying the truth that is BLATANTLY OBVIOUSLY TRUE"
02/18/2011 page 171
41.0% "2 you knows in 2 pages..."
02/18/2011 page 171
41.0% "make that 3 in 2 pages"
02/18/2011 page 177
43.0% "This is a better written scene straight out of twilight"
02/18/2011 page 178
43.0% ""It was Aidan. Of course it was. Hadn't I known it all along?" - No you didn't. But I did."
02/18/2011 page 181
44.0% "he had to chuckle...at least he didn't chuckle darkly."
02/18/2011 page 184
44.0% "Yay. I like Violet for acknowledging Vampire is a monster and being freaked out by that fact. it is a good thing."
02/18/2011 page 190
46.0% "Now i'm picturing Aidan with a very weird british accent for some reason..."
02/18/2011 page 193
46.0% "*le sigh*"
02/18/2011 page 197
47.0% "she just asked about his sleeping habits and I was extremely worried it would be an Edward Cullen reply of " i like watching you sleep""
02/18/2011 page 198
48.0% "Do not be jealous of some dead girl. Please. Violet you will lose some of the respect I have for you."
02/18/2011 page 200
48.0% "Oh god. this sentence: "It's not like I want to...well, you know." JUST SAY IT! Don't beat around the bush!"
02/18/2011 page 203
49.0% "omg was that what I think it was??"
02/18/2011 page 206
50.0% "Did he just say "lair""
02/18/2011 page 207
50.0% ""And yet I still found him beautiful, my Aidan." The my Aidan killed this for me." 1 comment
02/18/2011 page 208
50.0% "oh gosh. this discussion is so awkward."
02/18/2011 page 208
50.0% "omg "simultaneous penetration" i'm so weirded out"
02/18/2011 page 209
50.0% "This is so awkward. Please stop this discussion about sex and vampirism"
02/18/2011 page 209
02/18/2011 page 214
51.0% "Please stop saying "you know" it's so much better when you just say what "you know" really is"
02/18/2011 page 214
51.0% "there was two "you knows" within like two paragraphs. oh god. too close together"
02/18/2011 page 216
52.0% "Oh, i do like the Peter Pan reference for the vampire relationship. Probs cause I love Peter Pan"
02/18/2011 page 221
53.0% "that was weird"
02/18/2011 page 221
53.0% "What the heck does "hot pocket" mean? It is definitely not referring to the food in this sentence."
02/18/2011 page 229
55.0% "Who is Jenna and why is she important all of a sudden"
02/18/2011 page 230
55.0% "Beautiful use of the phrase "you know": "'Well, I figured she was jealous of you, anyway. You know, about Aidan. Not that they've ever...you know..""
02/18/2011 page 234
56.0% "Action and drama out of nowhere."
02/18/2011 page 238
57.0% "*nods head* yes he is sounding more like a professor than a teenager."
02/18/2011 page 240
58.0% "Female vamps have the "primal urge" to bite men and turn them into vampires....wow."
02/18/2011 page 242
58.0% "Such a twilight line..."
02/18/2011 page 243
58.0% "WTF!! "I was supposed to be frightened. But there was no denying that I was totally turned on." this is seriously wrong."
02/18/2011 page 244
59.0% "Woah. And now she is complaining about getting what she was wanting a minute ago."
02/18/2011 page 249
60.0% "cheesy..."
02/18/2011 page 250
60.0% "WTF"
02/18/2011 page 256
62.0% "this came out of nowhere. convenient because of violet's visions"
02/18/2011 page 257
62.0% "Time for bed. To be continued tomorrow."
02/19/2011 page 258
62.0% "Here we go again"
02/19/2011 page 261
63.0% "What? Really? Violet is there weapon? this came out of nowhere."
02/19/2011 page 262
63.0% "This whole thing about the other vampires/bad vamps came out of nowhere." 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 264
63.0% "*Groans*"
02/19/2011 page 269
65.0% "Oh. Declaration of love. Of course"
02/19/2011 page 270
65.0% "Haha a image from twilight the movie just flew into my head. Of edward magically being propelled against the wall..."
02/19/2011 page 271
65.0% "did she really just say that! *looks again* omg she did."
02/19/2011 page 272
65.0% "'I guess my breaching his mind had cured the vampire verison of a hard-on he'd been suffering from" WTF!" 2 comments
02/19/2011 page 277
67.0% "time is so jumpy in this novel."
02/19/2011 page 278
67.0% "Did she really just try to get him to take his shirt off? Like that? Really? Would that ever work?" 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 279
67.0% "And now she goes from completely obsessed with thinking about him to jealous." 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 280
67.0% "Thoughts bounce from jealousy to lust so quickly. like a ping pong ball"
02/19/2011 page 281
02/19/2011 page 283
68.0% "Her visions are really annoying. and convenient plot device. Seriously only thing that moves the plot" 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 285
69.0% "oh more "you knows""
02/19/2011 page 285
69.0% "I'm kind of annoyed that she lies to everyone but Aidan. Very bad friend."
02/19/2011 page 285
69.0% "She has to "fake" teenage angst....no sweetie you don't have to fake any angst at ALL" 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 285
69.0% ""... trying to get some ass" can say that but not sex"
02/19/2011 page 286
69.0% "Good question friend who i don't remember name. Do you two have any things in common?" 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 287
69.0% "Goo friend! Call Violet out."
02/19/2011 page 287
69.0% "What choice did you have? YOU COULD TELL YOUR FRIENDS THE TRUTH!! that is the other choice." 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 291
70.0% "oh god. "an electric jolt went through my body at his touch -- our connection.""
02/19/2011 page 292
70.0% "They just spent some time staring at eachothers eyes..."
02/19/2011 page 292
70.0% "And....now intense make-out time"
02/19/2011 page 293
70.0% "Omg what are you doing??? Violet, you are even questioning yourself to stop. "Oh my God, what was I saying?""
02/19/2011 page 300
72.0% "oh god. it's valentine's day. please don't be a sappy chapter"
02/19/2011 page 304
73.0% "Violet grows a bit of a backbone for random people."
02/19/2011 page 306
74.0% "Really what is the point of this Jenna character? I don't even remember who she is just that Violet is always jealous of her."
02/19/2011 page 308
74.0% "Of course Isabel, the girl Aidan loved a century ago looks just like Violet. Shocking."
02/19/2011 page 308
74.0% "And now she immediately believes he never loved her."
02/19/2011 page 310
75.0% "Woah...Cece is your best friend? I don't know anything about her..." 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 313
75.0% "I don't know what to say. Violet is being so stupid."
02/19/2011 page 313
02/19/2011 page 314
75.0% "Stop being jealous and freaking out over a DEAD girl"
02/19/2011 page 315
76.0% "Talking out loud to the book now."
02/19/2011 page 316
76.0% "Violet, your being overdramatic. REally? your gonna just end the relationship for this really? really?"
02/19/2011 page 318
76.0% "Still can't say sex. Really, I would rejoice if you would just say it. Really, it's not that hard to say it. SEX."
02/19/2011 page 321
77.0% "Close friend from home just appeared in the story from no where."
02/19/2011 page 322
77.0% "Life is so boring without Aidan. Violet is like living in an dream state."
02/19/2011 page 322
77.0% "Dinner time. For me. Thank god."
02/19/2011 page 322
77.0% "Back to reading"
02/19/2011 page 323
78.0% "Violet. You are stupid. Broke up with Aidan for a completely stupid reason and still made at him. You are stupid." 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 334
80.0% "Everything would be so much better if Violet admitted she was wrong."
02/19/2011 page 337
81.0% "Friends you will have for life...you spend no time with them"
02/19/2011 page 339
81.0% "I predict that this new Dr. Hottie teacher is a bad vampire. Just saying." 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 344
83.0% "Convenient way to bring Aidan and Violet back together"
02/19/2011 page 346
83.0% "First time we hear that Violet likes her Abercombie and Fitch pants. Don't know why we need to know this." 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 347
83.0% ""he finished with my right knee and move to my left, repeating the slow, sensuous lick..." - I'm seriously creeped out that she is turned on by him licking her wounds." 1 comment
02/19/2011 page 347
83.0% ""By the time he finished, I was reduced to a quivering mass on the bed, panting and squirming." This girl has serious issues." 10 comments
02/19/2011 page 349
84.0% "Oh the vampires have tribunal...."
02/19/2011 page 354
85.0% "Oh an exclamation mark. I don't like those" 4 comments
02/20/2011 page 355
85.0% "I like the chapter title. "A Little Help From My Friends" but really, Violet has friends???"
02/20/2011 page 357
86.0% "I too would react like Violet was some crazy brainwashed person if my friend started spewing out that her boyfriend was a vampire, because that would be crazy."
02/20/2011 page 357
86.0% ""'i saw him once, just outside the window,' Cece whispered sounding slightly dazed. 'I thought I must have imagined it.' 'That's crazy,' Sophie said, shaking her head. 'You're on the 5th floor.' Kate folded her arm, glaring at me. 'What, next you're going to tell us he can fly?'" -this literally brought the LOLs HAHAH FLYING"
02/20/2011 page 358
86.0% ""Drawing prey to him" WHY this relationship is bad. PREY. Vampires eat people"
02/20/2011 page 359
86.0% "Marissa is one character that is bundled up in confusion"
02/20/2011 page 359
86.0% "That was quick. They didn't believe her two pages ago and now all for vampire existing"
02/20/2011 page 363
87.0% "Omg why are you still jealous of a dead girl!! "just thinking about her made me angry." Violet, you have serious issues"
02/20/2011 page 367
88.0% "I'm telling you Dr. hottie seems like bad news."
02/20/2011 page 367
88.0% "Ewww. Did she really just lick her lips and think "It's been so long." when Aidan mentions a kiss"
02/20/2011 page 369
89.0% "Oh look. She has a Burberry trench coat. Don't know why that was needed"
02/20/2011 page 370
89.0% "this Tribunal of vampires is mysterious. All these rules and laws but don't know what they are, just that they are there"
02/20/2011 page 373
90.0% "Stuff is about to go down."
02/20/2011 page 376
90.0% "I really hope all this build up leads to something good...but I know it's not gonna."
02/20/2011 page 378
91.0% ""Time seemed to stand still, and I think I might have forgotten how to breathe." -- no, no, no. you did not forget to breathe or you'd be dead."
02/20/2011 page 379
91.0% "This action better be good."
02/20/2011 page 380
91.0% "OMG JULIUS HAS A GOATEE!! This is laughable. I don't know why. not expecting the baddie to have a goatee"
02/20/2011 page 383
92.0% "Way to be smart violet and let everyone know your the Sabbat."
02/20/2011 page 383
92.0% "Of course that's what is gonna happen. Yes it is just like your vision." 2 comments
02/20/2011 page 385
93.0% "What a good friend Violet. *sarcasm*"
02/20/2011 page 385
93.0% "Oh and aidan gonna try to play the jealousy/liar card to get violet to do what you want. way to go."
02/20/2011 page 387
93.0% "That was fast. and anti-climatic."
02/20/2011 page 389
94.0% "oh course she collapses ina a sobbing heap."
02/20/2011 page 390
94.0% "After waking up from passing out after a vampire attack the first thing that violet is concerned about is being late for class...?"
02/20/2011 page 390
94.0% "YES! And Aidan agrees with me on that point!"
02/20/2011 page 390
94.0% "Oh wow. Violet is really stupid. Thinking everything from the night before was a dream."
02/20/2011 page 391
94.0% ""My friends?" Yes, your friends? which friends?"
02/20/2011 page 391
94.0% "The mystery of that girl Jenna, is now explained."
02/20/2011 page 395
95.0% "Wow Violet is so dumb."
02/20/2011 page 396
95.0% "Oh. Wow."
02/20/2011 page 397
95.0% "Of course she would be."
02/20/2011 page 398
96.0% ""I am your, heart and soul." Just sounds wrong and creepy in this book."
02/20/2011 page 400
96.0% "Yes. there are lots of unanswered questions. I doubt they are gonna be answered now too."
02/20/2011 page 401
96.0% "OMG ITS OVER! YAY!"
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Tasha You get five stars!!!

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Rebecca you did it!! How did you survive finishing this book?

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