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Rachmaninoff by S.L. Armstrong
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Jan 11, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: m-m, m-m-fantasy
Read in January, 2011

There are a lot of things that irked me in this book (details are below).

Overall, I will say that Rachmaninoff is an indulgent romp of a novel. First, there's a vampire a la Alucard: Long blond hair? Check. Cape? Check. Tortured soul? Check, check, check. Then, there are descriptions of riches, nobility, decadence, and several simmering sex scenes. It's an over-the-top glut and there isn't much plot to speak of until you hit the second half of the book. BUT: simmering sex scenes. Very simmer-y. ;)

The following are some of the issues that proved irritating as I ploughed through it. Many of the issues have to do with poor editing:

Spastic POV changes (sometimes mid-sentence) and a constantly changing narrator (3rd person character narration to 3rd person omniscient, etc.)

Some wince-worthy descriptions of music and piano playing. I can understand that music and the playing of music is difficult to dramatize and put into words -- but, like the rest of the book, it was done in an over-the-top way that had me skimming those pages as quickly as possible.

Extremely odd jumps in plot. Example: No sentences at all (literally) are devoted to Aric's suspicions about
Nikola's vampirism or how Aric convinced himself that Nikola was a vampire. Instead what we get is a sudden "Did you ever drink his blood?" confrontation for the flimsiest of reasons -- woah, what? It jarred me each time it happened (sadly, it happened more than once). Clearly the author wanted to move very quickly from point A to point C -- but didn't really take the reader along for the ride so we ended up with bumpy landings instead.

Like the many irritating ellipses that the editors left scattered everywhere...The drama queen dramatics... Jumped from the page...

By page 55 I was skimming the book only to see how much more ridiculous things would get.
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