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Great Migrations by K.M. Kostyal
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May 17, 2011

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3.5 - I wouldn't have read this on my own but Julia's really into the Great Migrations shows so when I saw this I knew I had to get it for her.
I really have nothing but the actual show to put this up against - even though I have a 'photography' list. But this is every bit as informative as the shows are - for adults and children alike. I was a little worried about the gore because however natural it is, it is still gore. There isn't much here, some, enough where I'd mention it to anyone who asked about reading this with a child. After glancing through it before reading it with Julia I realized it was definitely nothing to be worried about. Julia's seen far, far worse and she seems to have a firmer, childlike grasp on the need for it, the nature of it, than myself or any adults I know. Quite frankly, she comforted me a time or two. (I'm a mess when it comes to half-eaten animals, no matter the why of it.)
This goes into much storyline detail and while it is somewhat repetitive, it makes for nice, special reading time if your kids like mine.
Some of the more general details that accompanied photos was almost exactly as with a previous photo. Different photo, same info. With all the info here something else could have been pulled IMO.
It's not a keeper for us but if a five star book like this came around that would be.
Sidenote - Julia knew info included here that I did not and she also knows what 'glean' means and uses it correctly. Amazing.

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