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Eona by Alison Goodman
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Dec 09, 2010

really liked it
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Read from April 20 to 21, 2011

I was completely stoked when I got my hands on it. Every nerve in me was ready to just flip it open and start digging in. Goodman definitely did not disappoint.

To all the people out there who read Eon and was completely disappointed at the lack of romance and Kygo snogging, FEAR NOT, GOODMAN HAS PROVIDED.
She also made sure Ido appeared sufficiently to make it a angsty love-triangle where you weren't completely sure who she (Eona) was going to choose. I swear, even near the end, the question was still being played.

The book starts off with a quick recap of the events that happened in Eon, before taking off into suspense and ending in suspense. It's written to make sure your heartbeat gets used to all this angst and suspense, before unleashing it's full fury on you, all at the end.
If it weren't for the fact that I was completely shocked at where everything had headed into, and it's sheer brilliance, I might have been pissed that she waited until the end for all the action to really get started. I think she enjoys pulling at our heartstrings.

See how I used the word heart so much? This book's got a lot of heart-related stories woven into it too.
I can't really remember what really happened in the book, I just remember this sharp incessant thought screaming at me, "FINISH THE GODDAMN BOOK. OHMYGOD. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?!?!"

Unfortunately, I wouldn't say that the ending was that satisfying. I wish Goodman had continued a bit more...I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TO EVERYONE. AASLDFKJA;LSKCMASRIUASLDMFA (ESPECIALLY EONA & ONE OF HER LOVERS...mwahahahahhahahaha, you shall have to read in order to find out who :D)

But, yeah, overall, if you're not suffering from any heart-related diseases, this book is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more, more, more, more, more, more, and moreeeeee.

P.S. Apparently Ido looks hotter younger in this book. Apparently, he's also got a sense of humour. Snarky humour.
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Claire Okay....Ido was slightly hotter in this book. BUT ONLY BECAUSE HE DIDN'T HAVE HIS BEARD ANYMORE. He also held back on his raping tendencies. However, that could not hold back his dickface-ness.

Belinda HE'S HOTTER CAUSE HE'S GOT ATTITUDE BRO. LOOL, apparently he's very male. Ahahaha, i find that so funny.

Claire LOL 'attitude.' It's only because Kygo's whole good-hearted emperor thing got tiring at times. CAUSTIC WIT IS THE WAY TO GO. Sometimes I wish Kygo was more sarcastic, but he has his boyish moments so all is good :]


Claire She's 16 LOL. That's two years older than me. And well, in a lot of YA books and TV Shows there are 16 year olds who are getting a lot of action (*cough* SKINS)But still isn't Ido like 24 :| I'd compare him to Dimitri, but that would just induce a laughing fit.

Belinda Urghh...Dimitri was only seven years older. Ido's like eight (yes, I know that's only one year, but whatever, one year is a lot :P). And LOOOOL him and Dimitri? pffffftttttthahahahahhahaa oh dear god, it did induce a laughing fit.

Claire LOL fyi, we learn in Blood Promise (when Rose visits Dimitri's family) that Dimitri used to loveee baking bread. AHAHAHAHAHAHA, LAUGHING A LOT NOW. It's okay Dimitri, every guy has a feminine side (even when they're very male).

Belinda OHMYGOD. OHMYGOD. BAKING BREAD? DID YOU MISTAKE HIM FOR KYGO OR SOMETHING? I can totally imagine Kygo baking bread. LOOOOL. Imagine Ido baking bread. I think I just died.

Claire Oh god, literally just let out a burst of laughter. I kid you not. I can imagine him going, "BREAD? BREAD? WHERE'S THE POWER IN THIS? I NEED POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER." Then he explodes in a cloud of flour.

Belinda LOOOL. I think he forgot the "D". And, for some weird, weird reason, after he explodes into a cloud of flour, I imagine Howl screaming. And saying, "SOPHIEEEE LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY HAIR!"

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