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Dec 09, 10

Read from December 08 to 09, 2010

I wanted to like this book, and I do quite like the concept and the world-building. It's the characterization that killed me.

It's obvious there are big character arcs planned in this series, but is it really necessary to start at ground zero? Mac is shallow, vain, and reckless. I kept forgetting she wasn't a YA protagonist, though frankly, most of the heroines in YA books I've read lately are smarter and more mature than Mac is. We get lines like this from her:

"Back then, I was twenty-two and pretty and up until the month before, my biggest concern had been whether Revlon would discontinue my favorite Iceberry Pink nail polish, which would be a disaster of epic proportions as it would leave me without the perfect complement for the short pink silk skirt I was wearing today with a clingy pearly top, and shimmery gold sandals, flattered by just the right heel to show off my golden, toned legs."

Oh gawd. She has the emotional range of a hairdryer.

I've been assured that Barrons gets swoon-worthy at some point, but I'm far from enamored by the end of this first book. Speaking of Barrons, why does the spelling of his name change every three paragraphs? It's Barrons. It's Barrens. It's Barrons. It's Barrens. Is this just slipshod editing in my Kindle edition?

I've been assured that this series gets better, and I do admit to being curious about what happens next, so I'll stick with it for another book, at least.

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Barbara (VampAngel) It dies get better. Mac grows up a lot in each book, but I have to say she still isn't up there with my favorite heroines. But you do grow to respect her, she goes through some tough shit and bounces back.

Fever is not my favorite series, especially if you think on a book to book basis. However for some reason I'm completely enthralled and I can't stop guessing what will happen in the last book Shadowfever.

I hope you do finish all 4 books, because I'd love to her your thoughts on it.

Barbara (VampAngel) Oh and the typos are on your kindle version. The book is very well edited.

Galla I think my basic issue is that she really didn't need to be so vapid for her to have a dramatic character arc as the series progressed. The way she's represented in Book 1, you might as well have taken Cher from Clueless and stuck her in Mordor.

message 4: by Barbara (VampAngel) (last edited Dec 11, 2010 09:25AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Barbara (VampAngel) LMAO! Cher in Mordor *snickers*

I get what you are saying and I agree. It's always an issue when you don't like or sympathize with the heroine, especially if she is the narrator. Mac was very shallow and annoying in the first book, I think KMM wanted to have a character do an 180, but I agree it wasn't necessary for her to start up so vapid.

I have to say that although I don't adore Mac, she cracks me up sometimes with her love for pink and rainbows, especially when she manages to annoy Barrons with it. I think KMM also wanted Mac to be the complete opposite of Barrons or maybe she wanted to show that people can be redeemed, be it from being vapid or from being control freak. I dunno, but book 1 Mac is indeed horrible.

I don't know if you have read books 3 and 4 already, but Mac changes so very much. I may not love Mac, but I respect her and I've learned to appreciate her. Her ride is a nightmare, she keeps getting fucked in everyway, but she always gets back up and gets stronger for it. She might not be the brightest bulb in the box, but she does the best that she can with what she is given. I think many of her mistakes later on are because she doesn't have all the information necessary to make her choices and I blame Barrons a little for that. Although I adore him as a character, he make huge mistakes (especially in keeping things from Mac). She is playing the game blindly mostly, which will have horrible results. I keep saying she doesn't give Barrons enough credit, which is true, but the reverse is also true.

Anyway, I'm really curious to see your reviews of the next 2 books. I'd love the discuss more when you are done with book 4. :)

Missie *spit take*

Mac to Barrons, "As if!"

You're killing me Galla!

Galla Ha ha! Barrons: "Do you like Billie Holiday?"

Mac: "I LOVE him."

Barbara (VampAngel) LMAO. You guys are killing me here!

Andrea Caro Still reading it, but everything that you've talked about here is what is annoying me SO MUCH right now about this book. Seriously, I'm glad to hear that she gets better in the other books, because in this one, Mac is a twit.

Galla Yeah, she really does grow by leaps and bounds, but I think her initial characterization was overdone. In a bad way. I still really enjoyed the series as a whole and got as sucked into its twists and turns as anyone, but Mac 1.0 drove me up the wall.

Andrea Caro Honestly, she's a lot like Sookie Stackhouse, but everything that I liked about Sookie annoys the crap out of me with Mac. I don't get the Barrons love at all, either. He's a creepy, rapey, jerk.

message 11: by Prangon (last edited Feb 03, 2011 03:53AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Prangon Seeing your review makes me worry... Now I am not sure if I wanna read the series =/

Galla Smittens wrote: "Seeing your review makes me worry... Now I am not sure if I wanna read them =/"

The series as a whole is really addictive and a lot of fun to read, but people are really split on Mac's characterization in this book. A lot of people like her and a lot of people (like me) find her super-annoying.

Whichever side you come down on, Mac's character does have a very dramatic arc; she changes a great deal as the series progresses. She didn't bug me nearly as much in Book 2, and it keeps getting better from there.

Prangon > Be prepare to be annoyed by Mac. Got it. ;P

Galla Smittens wrote: "> Be prepare to be annoyed by Mac. Got it. ;P"

Ha ha--pretty much!

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