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Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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May 22, 2011

did not like it
Read from May 21 to 22, 2011

Wow, so where do I start?

OK, let me start with...

1. Sarcasm. I have friends who're sarcastic, so I get it when sarcasm is used. Kenyon, I know when your childish characters are being sarcastic. You don't have to tell us every second of it. In addition, the sarcasm SUCKED. It seemed to me as if they were 10 year-olds arguing & cursing at one another instead of mature "deadly" assassins who got tortured for every little thing. So the sarcasm in this book was just BAD. Epic Fail.

2. The hero. I have never in my life read about a hero so annoying like Caillen. I wanted to (somehow) get in the book & tell him to shut the hell up!

3. The heroine. Desidera or whatever her name is..... OK, seriously, why does every heroine have to end up pregnant? I'm sick of it! Just because we're women and can get pregnant doesn't mean that we're all the octo-mom. I don't have problems with children, but it's always the same. Every heroine gets pregnant! Although technology is used a lot in this series, I guess Caillen the manwhore & the other heroes out there don't know what a freaking condom is.

4. Fain. He's the main reason why I wanted to read his book. I checked his profile out on, his picture looks amazing and sexy and he looks like a real badass. But once I read this book, his childish sarcastic speeches were just a no no! He may be 7 feet tall & all powerful, but he acted like a brat! Disappointed.

5. The sex scene. I understand why Kenyon didn't fit a second sex scene in this book. I'm not mad about that. What surprised me was one part of the sex scene. OK, the part where Desidera cups him too hard & he says "Careful, love..." is just like the scene in Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter series) when Delphine cups Jericho too hard & he says "Gentle, love..."........I have both books in my hands and when I read the Born of Shadows sex scene, I immediately thought of Dream Warrior. But of course Dream Warrior was a much better book.

6. Darling Cruel. Is he gay? Bisexual? Straight? When I first read about him, I was glad that Kenyon was adding a gay character since every other romance author (except for Lora Leigh & a few other) are too homophobic to add homosexual characters in their work. But all of the sudden he's not gay, has a daughter, blah blah blah. Kenyon, don't play this stupid joke on me. I'm part of the gay community & if you decided to make Darling straight just so the homophobic or "no offense, but I'm uncomfortable reading about gay characters" side of your fans continued reading your series & you continue making more money, then you're one ignorant author. Please don't let me down. And next time you decide to add a gay character & make him straight the next instant, think 'bout your fans & gay people out there & how that hurts them.

7. This book was so pointless and boring that I didn't understand (and still don't) what the hell the happened.
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Sherrilyn Kenyon
“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Born of Shadows

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Elsie Love your reviews, Mercedes;-).

Andreina lol Thanks :) I like Kenyon's ideas but the way she writes them is what kills me. >.<

Elsie Oh I hear you. I like her ideas too, but sheesh; this is one of the most convoluted story lines. Literally got whiplash near the end of the book; literally had to put the book down at one point and said to self "Huh?!". Having read all of the Dark Hunters and League series thus far; I've pretty much given Kenyon the benefit of the doubt that this "is" her writing style. Hence why I don't bother starting any of the other series. I mean what's the point? They obviously the same old same old in a different time period, place, or world.

Andreina Elsie wrote: "Oh I hear you. I like her ideas too, but sheesh; this is one of the most convoluted story lines. Literally got whiplash near the end of the book; literally had to put the book down at one point a..."

I know. I kinda don't care about Darling so I don't know if I should continue the series. As for Dark-Hunter series, I'm just waiting for Thorn, Savitar, Jaden, and Jared books. Everyone else I don't care.

Elsie Jared, Jaden, Sundown, and Thorn for me for Dark Hunters. I thought Darling is an interesting character (and not because he's gay, and btw I am not homophobic lol) and am disappointment for the "about face or whatever".

Andreina lol I'm glad :) xD I knew you weren't because I doubt that a homophobic person would add me once he/she sees my profile picture. xD
I don't even know what Kenyon has in store for Darling and I'm in the "I don't really care" mood right now lol.

I also like a few other characters from the DH series like Kyle Peltier and Remi but I'm really interested in the 4 I mentioned and Sundown. I forgot bout him and his book is coming later on lol

Lauren The Darling Cruel book is amazing, and explains all of the "is he gay or not" drama that we see through the other books. All in all I like her style and it made for a really fun read

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