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Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
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Dec 08, 2010

it was amazing

This book was awesome in so many way. I loved Evie because of strong, brave, and funny character. I'm so glad it's becoming a movie. I just hope it's not going to be completely ruined like some movies. I am a little disappointed that it will only be a trilogy, but I understand.

I think the characters are well-developed. Evie is hilarious, but she is such a badass protaganist. She's funny, yet, at times, she can be serious. Strong, yet emotional. It shows that you can be a girly girl and still kill. Lend (clever name) is funny, sweet, kind (is there a difference between sweet and kind?), and respects Evie! He cares for her and he shows it like an actual person would. He is NOT a bad-boy! YES! 2 POINTS!! I have nothing against bad-boy, but I see that a lot. Raquel is like a strong, disciplined mother that I really admire and kind of understand.

I loved the action and the comedy because it was so well written. I reread the story, not just because of the romance (it was great; I LOVED it), but because it was so comedic and had awesome fight scenes.

This definelty deserves 5 stars and 5 hearts . . . not "less than threes": <3.
This is the book that should kick Twilight off the shelves.

No offence to Twilight haters. . . But TwiHARDS, I don't care, Twilight is overrated.

Also, I love this book because it sicks with the myth of the supernatural creatures. A vampire hates holy water and is actually a walking dead corpse. A werewolf goes wild when they change, and fearies are, to US, mischievious creepy creatures. I'm a little annoyed that people change them just because. That is why I say thank you, Kierston White and the people that helped her get published. (That's right, I don't forget the editors and publishers.)

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