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Perfect by Natasha Friend
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Dec 08, 10

bookshelves: read-in-7th-grade

** spoiler alert ** I really liked the plot of this book. I liked how isabelles dad died so then thats what led to her eating disorder. So then she gets to know ashley a girl who goes to her school and is really popular and then she realizes that ashley has the same problem as her but isabelle is actually fat and ashley skinny i think the lesson in this book is dont judge a book by its cover becuse isabelle assumed that ashley was perfect

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message 1: by 704oliver (new)

704oliver i wana read this book

704luke good job

704luke not good

704luke needs work

704luke take time

704luke ur cool tho

704luke bye now

704luke :)(:

704luke :():

704luke :( ):

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704oliver hey guys

message 12: by 704oliver (new)

704oliver wats up

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704oliver hows it goin

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704oliver sounds good

message 15: by 704oliver (new)

704oliver everybody enjoying goodreads

message 16: by 704oliver (new)

704oliver yea sounds cool

message 17: by 704oliver (new)

704oliver so hows life ppl

704evin I HAVE THAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sooooooo good. But it can make you queasy.

message 19: by Gabriel709 (new)

Gabriel709 hnx for ruining the bok i wanted to read it... no really but still

message 20: by 704oliver (new)

704oliver so wats be poppin

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