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Hate List by Jennifer Brown
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Dec 08, 10

Read in September, 2010

My thoughts...I have to admit, I did not want to read this book. After reading the book summary, the content seemed too dark, depression, and scary. The book found its way into my hands and I reluctantly began reading, expecting heartbreak. I quickly discovered that while this book is definitely covers some tough subjects, it was one I needed to finish. Hate List haunted me for weeks after competing it. It left me with mixed emotions including grief and frustration.

Hate List is a very powerful story. It explores the aftermath of a student involved in a school shooting that resulted in the death of a number of students. The story is told through the point of view of Val, who was the girlfriend of the shooter. Prior to the shooting, they created a hate list of people who treated them cruelly, or in their opinion, unjustly. The list reached beyond their classmates. We walk with Val as she returns to school after months of therapy. She has to learn to come to terms with the events, as do her classmates. It was a powerful journey.

The big emotions this book left me with were fear and frustration. This is a scary situation, one that no matter how much you protect your kids, now matter how safe you think they are at school, the truth is they aren't. High School kids can be cruel and there is no telling what that sort of cruelty can cause people to do. It is frustrating that we can't control this. It is frustrating that this sort of thing happens. As for the book I have to ask myself...Would I want my kids to read a story like this? Would this story be a good selection for a class library? My answer is yes. Bringing awareness to issues like this may be a good way to prevent it. Will it stop the ridiculing and abuse that occurs between students, no. However, it may make people think twice and consider the repercussions of their actions.

In regards to the story, it is very well written and interesting. It will make you cry and believe that sometimes good things can come from the darkness.

Overall, I recommend this book, especially for discussion. One question could be the guilt of Val. Was she guilty? Did she get off easy? Making a hate list is definitely not a good outlet for the frustrations they were feeling, but what would be another way to deal with this. Anyone who has ever been at the receiving end of ridicule can attest to the way it makes you feel. This story definitely provides a good starting point for discussion.


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