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Highborn by Yvonne Navarro
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Feb 24, 11

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Read from February 23 to 24, 2011

Astarte aka Brynna Malak, is a fallen angel who escapes from hell in hopes of finding redemption in the eyes of her maker. Somehow after thousands of years serving Lucifer, she suddenly finds hope for redemption, and escapes Hell. She, like other Fallen Angels who ended up becoming demons and working for Lucifer, believe that there is always room for forgiveness. It's just finding the right cause in order to catch God's attention. Brynna's cause, it seems, it trying to save the Nephilim from being extinguished by demons.

Bry is best known as Mankinds Desire/Lust. As she is making her way as a newborn human, she has to hide from Hells Hunters who want to drag her back. She soon witnesses an EMT/Nephilim being killed right in front of her. She even sees who the killer was. She knows that the victim haa a specific calling, but the victim hadn't been called yet. * I think being an EMT is a calling into itself, like being a firefighter or police officer *

Detective Eran Redmond finds her the next day while she is strolling through Walgreens looking for burn medication that the victim told her would work. Richmand proceeds to arrest her and keep her overnight as a person of interest, and withholding information pertinent to the investigation.

Brynna then finds herself being pulled into the investigation and into a war between good and evil. You could say that this is the theme the author was trying to put forward in creating this series in the first place. It's a very Christian orientated theme of redemption and forgiveness for past sins.

Upon being let go from jail, she once again finds herself in the middle of trouble. After scaring off the would be thieves, she ends up meeting another Nephilim named Mireva, who in the end, becomes the primary target for Lahash, and Gavino, both demons. They use another Nephil named Michael Klesowitch to kill Nephilim, telling Michael that it's his calling from God.

Brynna makes a choice to protect Mireva at all costs from Lahash, and Gavino, and even falls prey to a hunter who wants to drag her back to hell. She ends up falling for Eran, a very human emotion she's just starting to understand. Unfortunately, Mireva's lot has been cast, and she is called into saving a professor at the cost of her own life. Kind of a sad ending, but I guess the message was that since Brynna helped guide her to her calling, that she is heading in the right direction towards redemption.

I'm not sure how to take this book. I mean, yes, the idea, and story to me is appealing. But, I've tried to avoid being sucked into Christian themed books for fear that they will be preaching to the choir about salvation etc. Brynna is a very interesting and hard core character, no doubt about it. I just would love to know more about her, and maybe, will be thinking about reading the next book in the series when it releases: Concrete Savior (05/31/2011). I would like to see how the relationship between Brynna and Eran progresses, and how many actual feathers she needs to collect before she is forgiven for betraying her maker. I wouldn't necessarily categorize this as a UF or PNR story either.

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