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Sirenz by Charlotte Bennardo
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Jun 24, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: ya-fiction, paranormal, gods-and-goddesses
Read from June 12 to 14, 2011


Sirenz was such a fun book! One you could easily read in one sitting and enjoy the hell out of.

After a deal with a very attractive Hades, Meg and Shar gain the abilities of the Sirens, greek mythological creatures who are said to lure sailors with their enchanting music to shipwreck. Meg has the ability to enchant someone with her voice and make them do anything she pleases and Shar with her stare. They have to use these powers to enchant an eccentric fashion mogul and lead him to a portal straight to Hades because apparently his contract with him is long overdue. The more they use their powers however, the more they turn into the actual Sirens, huge bird-like creatures:not pretty at all! So they have to do their job before the time runs out and they completely transform into Sirens.

I liked both Shar and Meg. They are completely different people, Shar being the outspoken flirty type and Meg being introverted and shy, but they both put aside their differences and willingly join their forces in order to solve the problem ahead. I liked the fact that they did it all by themselves with no strong, unbearably hot men to help them and save the day. No, this was girl power through and through and I loved it!
Not that there wasn't some flirting and romance going on because there was. But it didn't interfere with the story at all or complicated it in any unnecessary way.

Hades is exactly as I would picture him: dangerously delicious, smug, arrogant SOB.
Persephone also made an appearance along with her mother Demeter and the queen of the Gods, Hera.I was intrigued by Minthe's story and her connection with Persephone. You think because I'm greek I know all about greek mythology right? Wrong! I wish I did but honestly, it's so vast and chaotic, you can't possibly know all of it. There are always stories to learn that you haven't heard of.
So Minthe was seduced by Hades which Persephone of course didn't like and she turned her into mint. Yes, the actual mint. Mint was later used in funeral rites in ancient Greece.
See? Sirenz was both educational and super fun!

Sirenz will lure you in from the very first page. If you're into greek mythology and fashion, you should definitely pick this one up!
Perfect for beach reading.
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