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The Season by Sarah MacLean
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Sep 03, 11

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bookshelves: 2011, historical-fiction
Read from August 13 to 15, 2011

Every once in awhile I wonder how I would have fared during this era. Worrying about what I would wear to "catch" the right man and keeping up with etiquette of the times. And knowing all the while it's better to marry someone with money and status than a handsome hunk that is poor. I would have done miserably.

Alex (short for Alexandra) is preparing for her first season. The nature of this is how it sounds; the young ladies and men of London's high society go out and hunt for the best mate possible. Alex couldn't be less thrilled about doing this at all, and her two best friends share her sentiment. She knows this season will not be fun, especially with her three older brothers who will tease her to no end. Then there is also Gavin Blackmoor, who is like her fourth brother to be added on the list. Gavin recently has had to take on more responsibility since his father death. He suspects some foul play, and Alex will tangle herself up in this mystery of course. But first there is the messy situation of what is happening between Alex and Gavin. Do they honestly just have a brother-sister relationship or something else? And are they even willing to admit it to themselves, which might the biggest hurdle of them all.

Now if I were to rate this book solely on enjoyability factor I would give the book four stars, but I have a major complaint that keeps me from doing that and it's the "mystery" in the story. Not that it was done badly per se, but I was under the impression it would be one of the focal points of the story. It does get some attention, but mostly towards the end. In reality you are reading this story for the romance and the mystery kind of heightens the whole experience.

Some of the book I did enjoy quite a bit. I love reading about this time period because of the rules they have to follow and how we scoff at them now, but it's nice to think that finding someone to spend your whole life with was taken more seriously. Then there is the clothes and witty banter. It was good to see spunky female characters and equally fun leading men in the story. The author does a good job of seeping the book with the feel of the time period. There is no question you are in Regency England and you are watching closely how these young people navigate themselves through this time period.

I'm afraid to say though that I think I missed the boat on this one; a couple of years ago I would have absolutely gobbled the romance up and loved Alex's perfect life. Seriously, the girl has three handsome older brothers. She has two friends who are gorgeous and smart, and always have her back. Her parents have a relationship built on love and they care about her. And to top it off she is of course beautiful, opinionated, witty, and lively. Now, is there anything remotely missing in her life? No, but I understand that's part of the appeal and I actually giggled and smiled while reading this, so no more complaining on my part.
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I agree that this book on the enjoyable factor would rate quite high- after all, I had fun reading this:) but the mystery aspect doesn't really have much to offer. It's more about the FUN!FUN!FUN! Romance set in this era. Sweet, but kind of predictable. And great review!

Cara I should have put that in there about the predictabiliy. The mystery wasn't as enticing as I thought it would be, but like I said I had fun so not all bad really. Thanks Leanne!

Wendy Darling Yes...I think if the blurb had focused more on the fact that it's more about the romance with a little light mystery thrown in, it wouldn't have been quite so misleading. I really enjoyed this, though, and I enjoyed your review, Cara. :)

Cara Thanks Wendy:D

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