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Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess
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Dec 05, 2010

it was amazing
Read in December, 2010

I grabbed this book off the shelves because i thought it was Living Dead Girl which i have read, which actually got me to join goodreads.com in the first place. Anyway, i picked it up, and immediately i thought, "child molestation". And i was (sadly) right. The book cover screamed volumes on the content, considering what i've read from Living Dead Girl and just the phrase, i knew what it was.

Whilst that's the case, i couldn't put the book down, i know it is no use trying to hide away from it, it happens. After reading Living Dead Girl, i have considered many a time to draw a manga about the aftermath of such a traumatic event. This book provided many answers to possible outcomes of such a case. I must admit i didn't read it through word by word, most of the time i did. I also wanted to kill more than 1 character within the book, and it drives me insane and disgusts me how some people could be so...blind. I mean, it's not like anything was hidden, it was blown out all over EVERYTHING, but still, they just pretended like it never happened, and expected everything to be the same.

There are somethings you can sweep under the rug after a while because it happens, like when a loved one dies. It happens, it's the "Circle of Life" and the way of God. You can't do anything about something like that, at least until someone provides everyone with a philosopher's stone or something. But this, this can be prevented, the evidence is heaping them in the face but they just let it go unnoticed, uncared for.

And i didn't pick it up until later, but the premonition really was wonderful when i flicked back to the events. Along with bringing religion into the book, although sometimes i thought, "Um...no, that's not how it works..." i just stayed along for the ride of how the author believed Christians acted anyway.

Oh, yes, and WHOOT to to strong, sturdy, steadfast and attitude-loaded heroines!

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