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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
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Jan 23, 2008

it was ok
Recommended to Melissa by: Student
Read in January, 2008

** spoiler alert ** I returned Twilight by Stephenie Meyer to my student on Monday and, two periods later, she was back in my classroom with the sequel, New Moon. Was it waiting in her locker for me? I told her I wouldn't get anything done. I didn't. And here I am.

New Moon wasn't nearly as good as Twilight. And yet I still read it in two (working) days. So I guess I can't complain. I'm afraid, even though the stuff I'm writing about happens within the first third of the book, that my review might be too spoilerie, so I'm putting it under a cut.

There were two main reasons why New Moon wasn't as good as Twilight. The first: Meyer's writing just wasn't as good. The gradual, unforced exposition that I admired in her first book was absent in her second. Having told Bella and Edward's story already, she seemed eager to get through the review of it and move on to spinning her new tale. While ingenious writers like J.K. Rowling leave out much of the review, relying on their readers' competence and memory, and then reinsert reminders of important clues throughout plot development, Meyer kind of did a The Babysitter's Club style recap. Just instead of directly narrating about how Claudia wasn't good at school but was the artistic, junk-food eating one, she was droning on about how Edward was shockingly handsome and had to live in the Pacific Northwest because if he came out in the daytime...

The second (and I fear the more pertinent) reason why New Moon wasn't as good was because Edward was gone for about four-hundred pages of it. (I hate to admit that perhaps Meyer's writing did not get worse in New Moon. Maybe it was just more noticeable without Edward's enchantments.) And the reader just had to sit around watching Bella mope and attempt to rebound with a new male lead who happens to be *gasp* a werewolf. While Bella's slow realization of Edward's identity in Twilight was enjoyable and allowed for fantastic moments of dramatic irony, her slow realization of Jacob's identity as a werewolf in New Moon was just exhausting. "Why did it take so long?! " the reader wondered, wanting to pound Bella's tearful face into the wall.

The second supernatural being was a little much for me. I can accept a semi-realistic novel with vampires. But with vampires and werewolves? I think it was just asking too much. Jacob (the werewolf)'s character did, however, allow Meyer to play with the traditional two suitor novel in fun ways. Bella's two suitors, a vampire and a werewolf, are natural enemies. Meyer tends to overemphasize the dichotomy in my opinion--Edward is unnaturally cold, Jacob is unnaturally warm; Edward pale, Jacob tan; Edward is painfully secretive about his emotions, Jacob could emotionally explode resulting in great pain... Though somewhat forced at times, it was still a really fun distortion of the traditional plot structure.

Though I criticize it, I have to be honest. I enjoyed New Moon. I was addicted, again. I cried, again. (More than last time.) For the most part, Meyer worked her magic, again. And if I give back this book and get the next two periods later, I'm going to start it almost immediately and finish it just as quickly. Because they're fun to read.
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message 1: by Genesis (new)

Genesis nobody has but a comment some are better than this but il like it=)

message 2: by Genesis (new)

Genesis 10 people like but not put a comment wow

Clacie i agree with your review. however after seeing the movie & then reading new moon for the second time i appreciated jacob a lot more the second time around. I was so close to being "team jacob" i felt like i was cheating on edward. i just wanted to mention that when you said a second supernatural character was almost too much for you (the werewolves). after i read the twilight series, i was addicted to vampires so i moved on to other vampire series & i realized that vampires, werewolves, & other supernatural creatures (faeries, shapeshifters, zombies, etc...) just sort of go together, so for stephenie meyer to included them in her version of a vampire tale wasn't surprising. keep the good reviews coming. :)

message 4: by epg (new) - rated it 4 stars

epg M.R. - Another interesting review from you.

I have a slightly different take on the absent-Edward aspect. I remember feeling relieved that Edward wasn’t around, as indeed I had feared that the whole Edward/Bella intense thing was going to get stagnant. (I did look forward to him coming back though.) I found the scene where Bella is distraught in the woods after Edward has left, deliciously heart wrenching (that is IF one has permitted oneself to buy fully into the intensity of their love – which I had most willingly) I feel this forced separation allowed Bella to take a step back from her blinding feelings for Edward and evaluate them – a well needed pause to catch her breath before getting deeper into the relationship. She needed to bring the focus back to herself a bit instead of being just about him. (That’s my non-teen age speaking.) I ended up even enjoying the time alone with Bella and found her more interesting than I had expected.

I completely agree that the talk of Edward’s and Jacob’s differences felt too much. It even made me think it was leading up to something – a clue to something else, but it wasn’t.

And like you, I felt the introduction of a werewolf killed the realism for me a bit. (Did I just use the word “realism” in reference to a book about a teenage vampire??) I’d been willing to buy into the vampire scenario but werewolves too? Was it becoming a bit too BUFFY-esque? However, I got over that speed bump pretty quick and enthusiastically kept turning pages. On the whole, I found this book very entertaining.(Additional comments in my review)

I enjoy your reviews. Please keep them coming.

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