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Dark and Stormy Knights by P.N. Elrod
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Jan 05, 11

really liked it
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Read in July, 2010

Read this one in Dark and Stormy Knights. Very good (of course) and you get to see how Kate & Saiman met.

Merged review:

Overall I liked it and I'm glad its part of my Urban Fantasy collection. I was looking forward to reading it for awhile, and was not disappointed.

Ilona Andrews - how Kate met Saiman, a couple of years before the events in the series. Fun story. I am a big fan of Andrews' work, so its no surprise that I loved it. New readers to Kate's world will not be confused - a good standalone.

Jim Butcher - I've read very little from the Dresden series, but I still liked this one well enough. Harry's not in it. The "knight" in question is Marcone. I wasn't lost at all.

Shannon Butcher - Decent story about a world where certain people, "Beacons," can unknowingly bring evil demonic killing machines into the world unless they are killed first. Hadn't read any of her books before, looks like they are mostly Paranormal Romance, but this story is not a PNR.

Rachel Caine - really enjoyed this one about a dragonslayer nearing retirement who has to train her replacement. A fun Buffy-vibe with a great twist. It's tied with the Kate Daniels story as my favorites.

PN Elrod - I haven't read any Vampire Files stories since the early 90s, so this was a bit of a treat. Good story, shouldn't be too confusing for new readers.

Deidre Knight - I thought this was the weakest story of the book. It felt like an interesting story was there, but we never got to it.

Vicki Pettersson - I haven't read any of the Zodiac books, so I was a little lost, but I went with it. The darkest story of the bunch.

Lilith Saintcrow - the vampires in this one are evil, with the "knight" being a person who was bitten and is now halfway vamp. I liked it, definitely one of my favorites.

Carrie Vaughn - Kitty is nowhere to be found, its about Cormac (my favorite character from the one Kitty book I read). I'm iffy on this one; I'm not sure where this plays out in the whole Kitty universe. Seems like its before he meets her, so maybe he is supposed to have an epiphany that not all werewolves are evil? I had higher hopes for this one.

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