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The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima
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Dec 02, 2010

really liked it
Read in November, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I really enjoyed this book and I thought it was a huge step up from The Demon King. Mainly because the two main characters spent more than two chapters together this book. I remember that being a huge gripe I had with Demon King, especially since we are promised in that book and yet again in this book that when Raise and Han meet it's explosive "everything changes" Honestly I'm not exactly sure I agree with this at all. the book picks up exactly where the Demon King left off with Han and Raisa leaving for school. There are several chapters dedicated to their travels through the Seven Realms and the ongoing war in the background between the Kings. I'm hoping that this backstory plays into the other parts of the series at some point. Because other than at the start and end of the book it's just a weird background story since it seems that both the Fells and Oden's Ford are protected from the war.
I found while reading though that Han's story was much more intriguing and interesting than Raisa's and would almost groan when the perspective switched back to her. Han's story just has much more intrigue and mystery to it, not only that he's learning magic and is related to the Demon King who broke the peace in the Realms. It's a much more engaging story, as he discovers his past and his abilities.
Raisa on the other hand is the Princess Heir and spends her time bemoaning her love for her BFF and then Han and "just how unfair life is when you are the future Queen" Honestly there are many things about Raisa that just didn't make sense to me or compel me to be interested in her. And the beginning of that is her decision to run away in the first place, and then to send a letter to her mother. Not only that she knows where she is going people are going to know her so silly!

there is a lot I have questions about mainly about the Breaking and the Realms that are only at best glossed over in the book. I'm not sure if this is on purpose and has the series goes we will learn more about the backstory, but it left huge chunks and questions, and it seems that none of the main characters know either which is distressing. And I have the vague notion that Raisa and Han are related, but since I'm not exactly sure about the History of Hannalea and Waterlow that's just a vague guess.

I am looking forward to the next installment though
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Cahil Yazar Raisa Is also descended from the demon king, but she doesn't know it.

Cahil Yazar Also, the realms that are, as you put it, "at best glossed over in the book", yes it is important to the series. It emphasises how Raisa, as she says, has never "Been to anywhere else, Amon. I don't know about the other realms enough to pick one that's safest. That's why i need to be here."

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