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Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta
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Mar 06, 2011

really liked it
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Recommended to Arlene by: TBR Reduction Challenge #5 - Nomes
Read from March 03 to 05, 2011

Rating Clarification: 4.5 Stars

I only wish we could have been the best or the worst in the class. Not just somewhere in between… Purgatory... I hate it so much that when I die, and if God sends me there, I’ll beg him to send me to hell instead.

What can I say about Melina Marchetta that I haven’t said before? I love her character driven novels, I wish I could meet each and everyone one of them, and if I could define novel honesty fused with passion, I’d stamp a Marchetta book cover as an example. She’s brilliant, she’s literary perfection and she’s at the top of my list of favorite authors of all time.

Well after that little soliloquy it’s probably no surprise that Looking for Alibrandi did not disappoint one bit. This little gem of a book had all of the elements that I love to experience when reading Marchetta’s novels. It starts off in undefined territory where I’m not quite sure what’s going on or where Marchetta intends to lead me, but by the time I’m done with the story, I don’t want to turn the final pages and I wish I could have just a little more time with the characters that crept into my heart and took a post.

Josie Alibrandi is everything I love in a MC. She’s full of passion, spark, flaws, honesty and hope. This book is comprised of heavy themes such as culturalism, teenage struggle, sexual pressures, faith, and finding oneself in the midst of an ongoing storm. The relationship Josie has with her mother, nonna, father and friends tugged at my heart and pulled my emotions in many different directions.

There were a couple of events I predicted, (view spoiler) but that didn’t’ stop me from feeling the hurt and pain that Josie experienced when these truths unfolded. I loved how Josie and her father’s relationship developed at a slow but steady pace and by the end of the novel, he was one of my fave characters. I was bummed about Jacob Coote, but not left without hope. Josie really showed tremendous growth from the beginning to the end of the story.

If you’re a fan of Marchetta, I highly suggest you give Looking for Alibrandi a try. It’s sure not to disappoint.

Favorite quotes
…She asked me on Friday what type of contraception I use. “Underwear,” I said. “Keeping it on prevents pregnancy.”

Face it, the age of innocence is gone. We abused the act of sex now God’s sitting back and having the laugh of his life.

Please, God, let me be accepted by someone other than the underdog.

Thank you to Nomes for challenging me to read this sooner than later. I loved it!!
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Sashana I just bought three books by this author. I hear she's a very emotional read.

message 2: by Arlene (last edited Mar 04, 2011 02:02PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Arlene Her books are absolute perfection. I only have this and one more to read by her. I've loved them all so far. Enjoy your Marchetta books! I can't wait to hear what you think. :D

Sashana Thanks, Arlene :)

message 4: by ~Tina~ (new)

~Tina~ OooooOo! Good, you liked this one, I've read a lot of reviews saying this was her weakest one. I need to read this really soon:) Great review!

Arlene I really enjoyed it. If I have to compare it to her other novels, yes, not as poignant, but compared to other authors, she's still top tier IMHO.

I thing you'd love it Tina. :)


message 6: by Lora (new) - added it

Lora I'm still a Melina Marchetta virgin. *hears the sounds of people gasping* Yes, I know it's shocking.

I plan on reading something from her soon, though.

Great review, Arlene! :)

Arlene Lora, I am gasping!! You definitely need to give her a try. She's awesome.

Thank you! :)

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah How ironic. Hanneybean is reading this right now. Glad you enjoyed :)

Arlene LOL, too funny! :) I hope she's enjoying it as much as I did.

message 10: by Hannah (new)

Hannah I think so. How are you? Having a good weekend, I hope?

message 11: by Nic (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nic Brilliant review Arlene. Glad you loved this. I read this so long 10 years ago. Probably need to do a re-read one day. Are you going to watch the movie?

Arlene Whaaaaaa??? Movie???? Must look into it! NOW!!

Thank you Nic, I love her books so much. I'll be re-reading this one too some day. :)

Arlene Hannah wrote: "I think so. How are you? Having a good weekend, I hope?"

Very good weekend! But it's almost over. How about you? I need to PM you about Survivor! I'm still surprised about Russell. :/

message 14: by ~Tina~ (new)

~Tina~ There's a movie to this?!?!?!? ~goes to look it up~

message 15: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Pretty good, but rainy :(

message 17: by ~Tina~ (new)

~Tina~ I found it on Surfthechanel Thanks Nic! I'm gonna read this then watch the movie:)

Arlene Oh! Thanks Tina. I found a used vid for $14, but you're option is better. :)

Nomes LOVE the review! I feel the same way :)

The movie is very Australian and came out over a decade ago so it has dated a bit ~ but I still think it's fun. And MM wrote the scrpt!

She has also written the screenplay for jellicoe ~ which freaks me out just a little (!!)

Arlene I'd love to see Finnikin traslated to screen. That would be such a great movie!

message 21: by ~Tina~ (new)

~Tina~ That would be too epic Arlene! Finn is still my all time favorite. She was born to write high fantasy! wOOt!

message 22: by Kristy (new) - added it

Kristy She asked me on Friday what type of contraception I use. “Underwear,” I said. “Keeping it on prevents pregnancy.”

i just died laughing!!!

Great review :)

Arlene I loved that line!! Josie is such a great character. I like snarky girls and she played it well. :)

message 24: by Nic (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nic Arlene and Tina, the movie is good but like Nomes says it is very dated. I hope you both like it. I am going to finally read Finnikin this month :)

message 25: by ~Tina~ (new)

~Tina~ Yay's!! ^^ Just keep in mine that it's very in-depth stuff and there is A LOT to soak in twinie. Take your time with it and before you know it you'll be flipping pages like a mad women XD

Flannery That underwear quote is classic.

message 27: by Crystal (new) - added it

Crystal Great review! I love the quotes! I have this one I just need to find the time to read it.

Mayomi Great review Arlene. Wish I could read this book already.

message 29: by Jade (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jade My first Marchetta book. I really enjoyed it. Now I feel I have to give Jellicoe Road another chance. I don't think I got to 100 pages into that one.Thanks for the review. I agree.

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