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Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Dec 02, 2010

bookshelves: urban-fantasy, series, shifters, vampires, to-read, own-or-in-possession-of

Ive been on this train wreck for so long I might as well ride it out.
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message 1: by Keri (new) - added it

Keri That is hilarious and I completely agree. I won't even actually read the books anymore but I will listen to the audio book if I can get it from the library. At least the narator of the audio book seems to give it a little more interest and somehow manages to not make Anita's crap sound quite so bad.

message 2: by Marissa (new) - added it

Marissa It really must end sometime, right? ;-)

Smalvina we can only hope :)

message 4: by Rose (new) - added it

Rose Gomber We can hope not please man this series is the best of all the Vampire related books I have ever read!

message 5: by Katie(babs) (last edited Feb 21, 2011 05:34PM) (new)

Katie(babs) You made me LOL all over the place. Looks like the menage I wanted in book 9 before this series became more porn than plot is going to happen.

message 6: by Marissa (new) - added it

Marissa That menage may just be its only saving grace. ;)

Jessie This seems to be the attitude of so many people still reading this series!! I quit purchasing the books though when Mrs. Hamilton stated that she planned to write the series for thirty more years. :)

Tara Feeling the same way. Will give this a chance because I've been hoping the next one, and the next one, and the next one will get back to the way the series was for the first 6 books. Maybe this one....

message 9: by Carmel (new) - added it

Carmel I think I brought the same ticket as you Marissa, on that train wreck!!

message 10: by Marissa (new) - added it

Marissa lol I still cant bring myself to read Bullet. I heard the character who dies is one I really liked. Yes I know I was in the minority there, but she gives you thousands of men to chose from, we aren't all going to like the same ones.

message 11: by Carmel (new) - added it

Carmel Marissa, well Bullet just about killed me, was most upset by a particular scene and thought I would never read another book of her's again, but here I am again!!

message 12: by Roshio (new) - added it

Roshio Carmel wrote: "Marissa, well Bullet just about killed me, was most upset by a particular scene and thought I would never read another book of her's again, but here I am again!!"

I am the exact same Carmel. I couldn't make it through Bullet and I promised I'd give up, but this seems to be getting some good reviews...although apparently Jean Claude isn't even in it :(

message 13: by Carmel (new) - added it

Carmel What, Jean Claude's not in it?????

message 14: by Roshio (new) - added it

Roshio yup! this is a quote from another review I read

"My one complaint was that none of her main guys were in this book at all, no Jean-Claude, no Micah, no Asher, no Nathaniel"

unbelievable isn't it?! I mean when the fans said less sex, it didn't mean take away all our favourite guys!

message 15: by Carmel (new) - added it

Carmel They are my favourites!! I adore Nathaniel, can't get enough of him!! The others I love too!! Do I assume, as I haven't even red the blurb on the back of my copy of the book that this is an Edward book?

message 16: by Roshio (new) - added it

Roshio yeah I think so. Kinda like Obsidian Butterfly.

message 17: by Carmel (new) - added it

Carmel Oh well, will have to see when I read it!! Cheers:)

message 18: by Bekki (new)

Bekki Roy C'mon guys, its not like we pick up these things expecting Bronte, or even Anne Rice! It is what it is---gratuitous sex and violence (; nothing wrong with that. It's barely a step up from the harlequin romance novels; but as far as escapism goes, I think Hamilton does all right. Besides, she keeps me interested enough that I read it, and I've read so many books at this point that doesn't always happen. She has a habit of casting an idealized version of herself as the character, (hence overlaps between Merry and Anita), but that lends it a more personable quality that I like. I over-identify with the characters, too. My life would be so much simpler if I could kill the villains! The plot isn't anything too terribly difficult, predictable at times, and the characters are who they've always been. Olaf will be back...Anita will have to kill him soon, probably in the next book. I was glad to see Bernardo the big, sexy bounty hunter back, and as strange as it is, I like the new addition to the menfolk. I'll read them all because I'm too invested to quit now. I bought the ticket, gonna take the ride. What's her deal with men with hair to their butts?! Too. Much. Hair! It's just not practical with all that fighting and shape shifting and whatnot.

Smalvina Bekki wrote: "What's her deal with men with hair to their butts?!..."

I think long hair is sexy on women and men.

Angela Spores I couldn't have said it better myself.

Lilian Hahaha... Too true.

Lilian BTW..I totally hate the books at times (especially when new characters start comming up and she has to sleep with all of them -always-)
But I just can't wait to read the next one..
Im an addict, I can't help myself.. haha

Smalvina you are not alone

Michelle Half way through and she's only slept with one guy...I may be able to make it through this one!

Silent_count Marissa, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Somehow I started reading a series about a vampire hunter, and ended up with something approaching multi-species porn. I'm not quite sure where I went wrong.

PS: I'd like to second Keri's suggestion. The audio book narrator does bring something to the story.

Cynthisa OMG, I coulda written ALL of these comments, and - since her books are STILL so popular, I thought I was the only one tired of all the .... (ok, here's my attempt at an Anita plot all in one fell swoop -- please ADD anything I forget...): A new monster-de-jour shows up (a gorgeous male with hair-down-to-his-butt, natch, oh and wearing "thigh-high leather boots") and some other (inevitably female) baddie forces a confrontation of some sort causing Anita, through no-fault-of-her-own, to have sex with (at a minimum) the new guy, who instantly becomes mesmerized by and/or enthralled to Anita, causing her to have at least 30-40 pages of quasi- existential angst over her "lovelife." Oh, and Richard gets pissed off in the process, Jean-Claude's eyes bleed to blue and Anita gains another power.

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