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Good Book by David Plotz
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Dec 02, 10

really liked it
Read in December, 2010

"Good Book is what happens when a regular guy--an average Job--actually reads the book on which his religion, his culture, and his world are based." He reports, chapter by chapter on Genesis through 2 Chronicles, and left me laughing through most of it. His Appendix is great--Useful (and Not So Useful) Bible Lists, including The Bible's Twelve Best Pickup Lines.
p.43: "Jethro, in short, designs the first judicial system, and it's a superb one. It's largely independent; it' well-organized; it has clear lines of authority and even an appellate system. Is it any wonder that Jews are the world's great lawyers?"
p.108: "This altar by the riverside marks the birth of Judaism as a worldwide religion: from now on, the Israelites can travel away from the tabernacle, because they can create a copy. They can take God wherever they go. And so can we." [Joshua Ch.23]
p.187: "The difference between us and the Canaanites, Moabites, Edomites, and all the other tribes who bedeviled us in the Bible is that we wrote the book, and they didn't. Jews survived not because we went forth and multiplied--we didn't--but because we kept going to the library." :)
p.205: "Random question: why was Jeremiah a bullfrog?"
p.222: "God orders Jonah to Nineveh (near what is now Mosul, Iraq) to warn that the Lord is going to brimstone the city for its sins. Like some folks recently, Jonah isn't thrilled about his assignment in Iraq."
p.227: "Zecharaiah, who's prone to seriously weird visions, declares that a man called 'the Branch' shall rebuild the Temple and rule Zion. David Koresh's Branch Davidians--who believed the Branch is Christ--took their name from here."
p.241: "The Book of Proverbs...Chicken Soup for the Hebrew Soul, in which Solomon writes the first self-help book."
p.243: "Solomon is reminding us that the physical is the moral...recognizes that it is the body that sins, not the vague, incorporeal mind."

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