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Hourglass by Claudia Gray
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Feb 01, 11

Recommended to Sarah by: Emily
Read from January 10 to 16, 2011

AOBSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! can't describe how much i loved it, just, like, WOW. i cried sooo frickin' much, and i laughed, and i loved it, loved it LOVED IT!!!! i'm so sad it's over but i can't wait for the next one. i was so angry when she died, i thought she'd live and be a vampire. this sucks. i want her to be with lucas so bad! and then!!! what happened at the end!!! i BAWLED my eyes out. he can't die!!! and for a split second there i completely forgot that bianca had bitten him and that charity was biting him all i could think about was what bianca said which was, lucas is dead. that killed me. i died a little on the inside. i didn't even think that he'd come back as a vampire, until balthazar said it, i was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! i know he will hate it, i know he won't want to but at least he'll be alive!!! you know? well sort of. i know he won't want to be a vampire but he'll get used to it, he will get over it. i just hope that him and bianca will be together again. she has to come back to life, or i'll be sooo frickin upset, i'll cry again. such a good book though. i love vic, and ilove ranulf. they are sooo cute. and OMG I HATE CHARITY i want to kill her, i can't believe it's over, i want the 4th book to come out now i can't wait until March 8th , i want to read it nowwwwwww!!!!!!!! it's too long!!! i'm mourning this book now. :( i love biana and lucas. ♥♥♥

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Reading Progress

01/12/2011 page 185
55.0% "LOVING it so far - can't believe stupid raquel turned her in! i actually liked her! but not anymore. she's stupid. i can not believe so much is happening i'm really loving it!!!!!!! =)"
01/15/2011 page 296
87.0% "wow. i cried my eyes out... i was on the train and i was crying! i can't believe what i just read. how could they do that???!! just without saying anything? just let her die!! what the hell? i was so upset, i will finish the rest tonight but wow, i'm so upset atm. emily said it gets better though, and it BETTER, or else. she better come back to life and be with lucas or i'll be so incredibly sad :( :( :( :( :( :( :("

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