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Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence
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Dec 01, 10

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A fun read, this book was assigned to our 11th grade AP English class and was followed by an amazing discussion on whether evolution should be taught in the classroom. Based on true events and spiced up with intriguing and humorous characters (like the quick-witted, hilarious, and oh-so-irking Hornbeck; the Radio Man who babies his precious device; and the bad-mouthed Drummond, whom I always imagine portly and red-faced, almost like a Santa Claus who hands out the gift of free thought and individuality to all those in the court), Inherit the Wind succeeds in holding the attention of the reader throughout the flowing dramatic and climaxing scenes and treats those who drink up its poetic lines with a thought-provoking yet simple ending.
Memorable quotes: Drummond: "He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise in heart."
Rachel: "I was always afraid of what I might think--so it seemed safer not to think at all. But now I know. A thought is like a child inside our body. It has to be born. If it dies inside you, part of you dies, too!"
Hornbeck: "Cynical? That's my fascination. I do hateful things, for which people love me, and lovable things for which they hate me. I am a friend of enemies, the enemy of friends; I am admired for my detestability. I am both Poles and the Equator, with no Temperate Zones between."
Hornbeck: "Sound the trumpet, beat the drum. Everybody's come to town to see your competition, monk. Alive and breathing in the county cooler: a high-school teacher--wild, untamed!"

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