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Tempted by His Kiss by Tracy Anne Warren
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Jan 20, 2011

it was ok
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Read on January 20, 2011

I am a fan of the "trapped together because of a snowstorm" conceit, and this was good enough at first. It very quickly turns into a "fake engagement but we both wish it was real only are too shy also I am in love with his family and don't like lying" book with a touch of "dead first love" and "French spy poses as English nobility". These cliche plots are well used for a reason, and I don't mind them, but this ended up being nothing BUT a cliche. The heroine's hair looks like "moonlight". The family loves her. The loveable and wacky family who will all get their own book. The family friend of the brothers who will clearly end up with the sister. The hero knowing best and telling the heroine so. The heroine deciding she knows best and doing something dumb anyway. The dumb thing gets her in trouble, and the hero has to save the day.


It even has one of the oldest and most done cliches at the end. The heroine, rather than ask the hero what his feelings are, decides that she doesn't want to be an obligation, so she runs away. By mail coach. Alone. Like an idiot. Then, the hero chases the coach and everyone is like oh my is that a highwayman? and he is like no I'm not but that lady needs to come with me (other works often slip a "that lady has stolen my heart" quip, but no matter what the coach ALWAYS assumes the beautiful horse and/or carriage is a highwayman) and the heroine is like no Im not coming with you and the coach is all like yeah you tell him, sister but the hero says she's my wife! and the coach does that scratching record sound that is in every shitty movie preview ever. They start saying, well if thats your husband, you cant run away from him missy and the heroine is like no he is lying, that dick, and the hero says something about her running away and often insinuates that she drinks and/or is super spoiled and is running away because she hates housework or to be with a lover but no matter what it is always super insulting to her and the coach people shove her off and she makes a big show of saying that she will just wait for the next one and then they finally talk and realize that they love each other and the book ends.

This scene takes place in pretty much every third regency romance I read and I am so sick of it.
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message 1: by MB (new) - rated it 1 star

MB OMG, the endless descriptions of Meg's beauty were gagging me.

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