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The Remains by Vincent Zandri
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Jan 17, 11

For a quick moment I thought about looking into the rear view. But I resisted the urge. Better not to see what was behind me; what might have been stalking me. - Rebecca Underhill

Painter and art instructor Rebecca Underhill is not sure who or what is stalking her, but for six months she's been receiving odd and disconcerting text messages. Initially they simply said her name, but most recently have consisted of a single word: Remember. She may have been able to dismiss the messages as just a prank, except that she has been remembering. She's been having nightmares about a horrific event that she and her twin sister, Molly, experienced thirty years prior.

The two sisters were abducted for a harrowing afternoon by a man who lived in a remote cabin in the woods surrounding their family's farm. The girls escaped and, having been playing somewhere they weren't supposed to be, made a pact not to tell their parents about what had happened. Any doubt they had about their decision was removed when the man was arrested for another crime shortly after their ordeal and sentenced to thirty years in prison. Thirty years seemed like an eternity to the young girls; surely the monster would die in prison and they'd be safe. And they were, for awhile. But ten years ago Molly passed away from cancer and the girls' parents died not too long after. Now Rebecca is alone with her nightmares. Or is she?

As with his previous release, the wonderful Moonlight Falls, author Vincent Zandri demonstrates that he's most comfortable blazing his own trail and writing in areas that aren't easily categorized. One would be hard pressed exactly how to describe The Remains. It's part mystery, part thriller, part suspense, and even has a little touch of the supernatural. What there's no mistake that it is, however, is gripping. The cast of characters is tight, with Rebecca and one of her fellow artists, autistic savant and childhood friend Franny, taking center stage. Zandri very skillfully interweaves the current events vexing Rebecca with the past events haunting her, slowly building tension and revealing the depths of her nightmares and torment bit by tantalizing bit as the book unfolds.

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