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Vanish by Sophie Jordan
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Dec 01, 2010

it was amazing
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*spoiler FREE*

Dear Vanish, let me count all the things I love about you.... This is a fantastic sequel! I really liked what Sophie did with the story line and the direction it goes. Not only did she introduce more of her Draki world, she included a few great kissy scenes, added a lot more action (no I don't mean that kind), and she ends Vanish with the perfect set up for the next book. I literally could not put this book down once I started it.

I loved how much more in-depth the characters are in Vanish and I felt more emotionally connected to them. It was easier for me to understand Jacinda, Cassian and Will's motives and sympathize with the way Jacinda felt through out much of the story. The tensions are higher, the emotional connection with the characters is greater and the character chemistry is still really hot. The Draki world is enticing, but there's a lot at stake now that Jacinda, her mother and sister have been taken back to the pride.

Like Firelight, Vanish is just as exciting and engaging, and Sophie throws in some fabulous surprises and twists into the plot that I didn't even see coming, but I loved every moment of it. Of course that may have to do with the fact I enjoyed seeing a lot more of Cassian in this story. Not that I don't love Will, because I do, I just like Cassian more. I really like the way Sophie has created a great romantic interest with both guys. One is Jacinda's destiny and the other one is a choice, and I'm really curious to know who she'll pick when the story continues in the next book. I think there's a lot more we'll get to know about both Cassian and Will.

With this series, Sophie has me thinking that the impossible could be possible. I love the thought of a Draki world existing within a human world and for me when a book captures my attention and causes me to get lost in the story's endless possibilities and expands by own imagination, the author has done more than told a story. They've brought it to life. I feel that's exactly what Sophie has done with Firelight and Vanish. If you loved Firelight, you'll enjoy Vanish. I highly recommend picking this book up when it's out. If I could, I would have already pre-ordered the next book in this series. I need to know what's going to happen next!
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Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Good review! I'm really looking forward to this sequel!! I adored Firelight!

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids Thank you so much! I LOVE Firelight as well. This sequel is fantastic!! I think you'll love it just as much as Firelight if not more.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I'm sure I will! Although... I am a Team Will girl, myself. :P

♥Rachel♥ So love triangle with Will & Cassian? I take it from your review, you're team Cassian?

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids Rachel- I am! I love Cassian, but Will is fabulous as well.

♥Rachel♥ I loved your review! I just got the book, now I'm really excited to read it. We'll see which team I end up on. :)

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids Rachel- Thank you so much! I'm excited for you to read it!! You'll have to let me know which team you're on after you finish it. :)

♥Rachel♥ I'm done, sooo good, but I'm torn. I think I'm 50/50 Will or Cassian. I think if I didn't go back & re-read Firelight right before this I would be team Cassian. The romance between Will & Jacinda was so good in Firelight so now I'm on the fence!

♥Rachel♥ Btw, I can't help but compare this to another love triangle. The one in Wolfsbane, in that series, though, I'm totally team Ren but I'm sure that Calla will end up with Shay. Just like in this series, Jacinda will probably end up with Will. Did you feel the similarities?

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids The romance between Will and Jacinda is AWESOME! BUT, there's just something about Cassian, like there is with Ren, that draws me to his character and has me hoping Jacinda will choose him, just like I want Calla to choose Ren. I agree, I don't it will happen. I think J will choose W and C will choose S.

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I'm only half-way through Vanish and still cannot imagine Cassian trumping Will. :P I'm sure there's more Cassian time coming up but the chemistry between Jacinda and Will is just palpable. I love them together!! And who is "S"?? Or did you mean, T (for Tamra?)

♥Rachel♥ We were referring to the love triangle in Nightshade/Wolfsbane being similar to this one. "S" is Shay, and "C" is Calla. I agree, Will is amazing, & so is their chemistry! That's what makes the love triangles so maddening!

message 13: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy I see the similarities between the Nightshade series love triangle and this one as well. The odd thing is that in the Nightshade world I'm totally Team Ren but in this world I'm Team Will. I don't feel any chemistry between her and Cassian.

♥Rachel♥ Wow, it seems like so many people I come across are team Ren. I wonder if there's any chance of Calla picking him (I hope, I hope, I hope!)

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Thanks for explaining that Rachel! :) I haven't read the Nightshade series yet... I've got both books so far, but I think I want to wait till they're all out before I start those...

Regarding Firelight... I'm hoping that Jacinda chooses Will... and Cassian ends up with Tamra...

♥Rachel♥ Michele, I'm with you on those choices. Tamra needs some love!

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Yes she does! Tamra has always loved Cassian... so to me... they belong together -- if Cassian turns out to be a decent Draki. ;) However, I can't forget that he basically ignored her when we was a defunct Draki. But I have a feeling that will be explained (I hope) later on b/c if he has any redeeming qualities, it's not all about being special that should make him love either of them. Probably his father's influence, and being set to inherit the alpha position caused him to act like that (I hope!)

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids I am so ticked off at GR, I totally wrote up this long comment to both of you and it deleted it. GRRRR

I'll just say I agree with both of you :)

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Awe... I hate it when that happens!!!! :\

♥Rachel♥ I've had that happen with a review before! All typed up & then poof....gone! I hate that when that happens!

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) I try to copy my text before I post anything... but I forget more often than not! :\

message 22: by Kyra (new) - added it

Kyra Great review! I'm even more pumped to read this book!

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