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Forever by Maggie Stiefvater
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Dec 01, 2010

it was amazing
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Recommended for: fans of the series
Read from June 22 to July 12, 2011

With it's well paced romance, heartache, suspense and light humor, Forever is a fitting end to a captivating series.

I love this series. Maggie Stievfater has a talent for weaving together beauty, heartache, love, yearning, change, character growth and a sense of belonging that made it so easy for me to fall in love with The Wolves of Mercy Falls. Her writing isn't just beautiful, poetic, and flawless, it's completely engaging and mesmerizing. Unlike the rest of the series I had to pace myself with Forever, which I'll admit was extremely hard to do. My wanting to savor everything that was going to happen, and wishing this series didn't have to end helped me to not devour this book as quickly as I did the others.

I loved seeing the story from four different points of views. I felt the characters bonds of friendship, their trust with each other, and the love they have for another grew a lot. I admire the inner strength and the courage they each have, to face their inner battles. Grace, Sam, Cole and Isabel are such strong characters in their own ways, and in Forever I came to love them all equally. There is a lot that happens in Forever and I liked the way Maggie paced the story. It not only allowed me to feel connected emotionally to her characters and story, but she allowed me to feel the desperation, defiance, fear, forgiveness and small glimmer of hope each of the characters had throughout the book. One of my all time favorite things about this series is Sam and Grace's love for each other. With everything Grace and Sam endure over the series and especially in Forever, their love continues to be ageless and beautiful. It's realistic, it's solid, it's enduring, forgiving and strong. The wonderful thing about it is that I'm not left feeling like it was a fairytale love, it's a love that's real and as Maggie recently said, "is completely attainable as long as you swear you won't settle for less."

I'll admit, I was a little worried to read Forever. Not just because it's the ending of one of my favorite series, but I didn't want to become a blubbering wreck after I finished it. Surprisingly I didn't cry once, though I wanted to a few times. Ending this series feels like saying good bye to an old friend. Though I'm sad the series has to come to an end I felt the ending was perfect. I'm left with a sense of fulfillment and I am completely satisfied with what Maggie did. For me the ending was perfectly fitting and I'm left feeling hopeful for my favorite character's futures.

There are so many more things I'd love to say about Forever. I really enjoyed this book as much as I have enjoyed the entire series. If you haven't already picked up Shiver & Linger, I highly recommend that you do. I definitely recommend going out and picking up a copy of Forever TODAY!
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Chrissy W Gonna get my hands on this as soon as I can. This book is a highly anticipated one for me.

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids I hope you enjoy it!

Chrissy W Got the book, and I've already finished it. I couldn't stand not knowing how this series ended any longer, LOL. =)

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids LOL I know the feeling. What did you think?

Chrissy W I was satisfied with it for the most part. But the ending didn't really feel like much of an ending to me... =/

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids I know a lot of people didn't like that, but that's one of the things I liked. She left it open to each readers interpretation. Normally I'm not a fan of books w/ endings like that, but for the series I liked it.

Chrissy W Hmm...I was expecting too much of a Happily Ever After ending, I guess. *hopeless romantic*

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids I am too, and there's only a few books I like when the ending it's completely wrapped up. If she had ended it with Shiver, I would have excepted the happily ever after, but there was too much that happened in Linger for her to go that way. In my mind they all end up with their happily ever afters. lol

Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms) I too loved it. Personally I liked the ending because they did not all walk off into the sunset holding hands with nothing ahead but clear skies. They have a future ahead of them now without immediate danger and the opportunity to go on with their lives. It gave me, the reader, the chance to think about what would happen to each of them from here on out, and I came to the conclusions that I wanted for them. Life isn't happily ever after, but it can be very very good even with the bumps along the way.

Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids That is exactly what I loved about the ending as well! I loved that she didn't wrap everything up and she left some things open for each reader to interrupt how they choose to. Wouldn't have felt right any other way.

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I haven't read it yet but you two make me feel more like reading it. I enjoyed the first one.

Malissa I just finished reading it ( I know I am behind the curve, haha) and I have to agree with Chrissy W (although I can see your point Mundie Moms as well), I would have really liked more of a finish....I want to know what happened with everyone, there are still so many questions for me...but overall I really enjoyed the series and am really glad to have finally read a series that is 'done' LOL

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